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Power Outage!

I actually prayed for rain yesterday – really I did!  It has been SO dry; our grass is just sitting there dying, and with a plethora of wedding bills, there is no way we are going to water the lawn … Continue reading

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“Paradise Lost”

Why did we need a Good Friday anyway?  For what reason did Jesus undergo all that we celebrate this (Easter) weekend?  Scripture of course gives us all the facts, but John Milton’s Paradise Lost attempts to “fill in some of … Continue reading

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29 Days and Counting!

It is really cute to watch: our daughter Libby counting down the days until she is married.  Libby actually lives two hours from here, in Pineville, where she attends Louisiana (Baptist) College – but I get to keep up with her … Continue reading

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“Memoirs of Robert E. Lee”

Everyone who has had a task they have put off feels a great sense of satisfaction when that long-neglected duty is finished.  Completing a book which you have had on your shelf, and which you have always intended to read, … Continue reading

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“Seussical: The Musical”

Since “A Person’s A Person No Matter How Small” has been echoing in my mind all day, I think perhaps it was meant for me to do a review of the musical that planted that song in my thoughts last … Continue reading

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“Bless Those Who Curse You”

I’ll let this Union soldier who met Robert E. Lee in the worst of circumstances tell his own story of how Lee lived out Luke 6:28  .  I think any further commentary from me might be considered to be vainly superfluous …

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When The Preacher Can’t Preach

Once again, I find myself uniquely qualified to write about this topic, because it doesn’t look like I am going to be preaching tomorrow morning.  I have had a cold since Wednesday, went home from the office with it Thursday, … Continue reading

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