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A Most Memorial Day

My Memorial Day did not unfold exactly the way I had envisioned it a week or so ago, but in the end it was the most poignant, and memorable, I have ever experienced …

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Libby: What’s In A Name

When our kids tease each other about which one is the best, or best-loved, our daughter Libby will often play her trump card: she lays proud claim to being the only one of our children I specifically prayed and asked … Continue reading

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Go ‘Cats!

(NOTE: recent events — February 2013 — have caused me to rescind my endorsement of the Presidency of Joe Aguillard. I still love Louisiana College, however, and pray that Louisiana Baptists will “right the ship” and make the College once … Continue reading

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Not So Among You

Tonight I saw some footage of the crowds at various venues in America Sunday evening, celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden.  As I watched the videos, my brow furrowed, and I began to have the feeling that I had … Continue reading

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