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Road Notes 9-29-11

(FYI I am going to begin this blog, post what I have of it, and then update and add to it for the next couple of hours — so if you are interested in following our progress you might check … Continue reading

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“Our Great God”

Last Sunday the Lord used a special song – and a special minister — to pick me up at just the right moment, give me assurance, and prepare me to share His word.  When I arrived at church that day … Continue reading

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“Trouble With The Tulip”

Calvinism, with the TULIP acronym which inevitably accompanies it, is certainly a hot topic in the religious conversation in America today.  Frank Page, a former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and currently the President (basically the “CEO”) of the Executive Committee of the SBC, weighed … Continue reading

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“The Real Thing: A Different Kind of Love”

     There is an obscure people group in Northern Europe, in northern Finland, Norway, and Russia, called the Sami People.  They live not far from the arctic circle and, of course, have much more exposure to ice and snow than … Continue reading

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“The Priority of Love” (I Cor. 13:1-3)

I Corinthians 13:1-3   “The Real Thing: The Priority of Love”    9-18-11  You may remember the Olympic marksman in 2004 who had just one shot to go win the gold medal, and who lined up his shot and hit the bull’s eye – but the … Continue reading

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Eros Gets A Bad Name?

I would wager that most people who have heard of the different Greek words for “love” have understood them something like this: “Agape” is God’s kind of selfless, giving love “Phileo” is brotherly love “Eros” is sexual love I have … Continue reading

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Not This Time!

I’m writing as I am just back in from the Sam Houston High School football game at Westlake.  I have been sick all week, and did not feel much like going tonight.  I really only did so for one reason: I … Continue reading

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