Prayer Warriors

I Timothy 5:5 tells us that widows in the church are commanded to do two things:
1) “fix (their) hope on God”
2) “continue in entreaties and prayers night and day”
This verse gives direction not only for widows, but also for all who are homebound or limited in their activities for whatever reason. What are you to do when you are “stuck at home” while sick, or incapacitated for hours and days on end?
Scripture commands you to devote yourself to a ministry of prayer. Many senior adults and others who are ill often report that they are not able to get much sleep. The Bible says that they are to take advantage of this seemingly endless time to intercede for those God lays on their hearts. This idea of the homebound being “prayer warriors” is no man-made fancy; it is specifically commanded here in the word of God! Are you limited physically, or unable to sleep? Realize that God is calling you to a special ministry: to be a “prayer warrior” for His people and His kingdom’s work!

About Shawn Thomas

My blog,, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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