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The Providences of 1776

I’ve made a personal “tradition” of reading David McCullough’s 1776 on the 4th of July  for the last couple of years. The book is a marvelous retelling of this pivotal year in the story of America. A repeated theme that … Continue reading

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“Don’t You Touch Them ‘Ere Things”

As one of the first conflicts of the Revolutionary War made its way back from Lexington and Concord, through the little town of Menotony, British troops were vandalizing the home of an American deacon in his absence. The British ordered … Continue reading

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Samuel Rutherford’s Five Lessons From the Furnace

In 1636 Samuel Rutherford, pastor of the Scottish church of Anwoth, was removed from his pulpit during a time of religious persecution.  Sent into exile into Aberdeen, Rutherford, at first despondent, found grace that gave him a seldom-equaled walk with … Continue reading

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“Bless Those Who Curse You”

I’ll let this Union soldier who met Robert E. Lee in the worst of circumstances tell his own story of how Lee lived out Luke 6:28  .  I think any further commentary from me might be considered to be vainly superfluous …

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A General’s Grace

Robert E. Lee was impressive in many different ways.  General Wilcox, having met Lee for the very first time, wrote: “I was much impressed with his fine appearance, either on horse or on foot … the handsomest man in the army.”  … Continue reading

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