Video Sermons Link

This is the link to Sunday sermons at First Baptist, Angleton. Several recent sermons are available for view on this page:

1 Response to Video Sermons Link

  1. Bill Vickers says:

    This request does NOT relate to you or anyone associated with you or your ministries past or present.
    I attended Living Oaks Baptist Church in Tulsa and was Blessed by your teachings.
    The Southern Baptist Convention has set up a Hot Line to report sexual abuse. In 1993 Dr. Harry Kilbride was removed from the pastorate of Capitol Hill Baptist Church while I was Chairman of the Deacons.
    Now that the SBC has a list of sexual abusers I have sent them the signed confession letter. There is an allegation that he may have conducted similar acts at a Church in Delaware. I was told someone in your family may have attended that church. I would like to pass that information on.
    Can you send me an email and I will send you my phone number.
    Best wishes to you and your wonderful family.
    Bill Vickers

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