Video Sermons Link

This is the link to Sunday sermons at First Baptist, Angleton. Several recent sermons are available for view on this page:

4 Responses to Video Sermons Link

  1. Ron Hardt says:

    Was wondering where your Teacher’s overview of session 13, Micah 7:1-10; 18-20, was. They are always a big help to me. (Ron Hardt, Crossway Baptist Church, Springfield MO.

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Ron I usually post the next week’s lesson at midnight on Saturday. It’s scheduled to come out tonight. Are you teaching it tomorrow?

      • Ron Hardt says:

        No, I was trying to get a head start on lesson 13. I will be teaching it on 11/30. I really appreciate your input. You always have some really good insight . I don’t understand how you keep up with all that you are responsible for. Again thank you for all that you do.

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      • Shawn Thomas says:

        Very good; I was going to try to get it to you somehow if you needed it for tomorrow. It will be out later tonight. And LOL honestly sometimes it is hard to remember which lesson we’re on and which is next week’s. I have to keep a good to-do list for sure! 😅 Thank you Ron. Praying for you as you prepare!

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