Monday Interlude

I usually suffer a “Sunday hangover” on Mondays after I have preached on Sunday in the States, and I am here to report that it is no different in India!  I had to drag myself out of bed — I think most of us did today.  But thankfully, they had planned a light day for us. 

James and I met with Sanjay, the national pastor of Livingstone church we partner with, and had a great time of sharing, questions and answers about their needs and how we may be able to plug in and help them in the future.  Short answer: more trips, small groups, needs of doctrinal and discipleship seminars, and teaching on the family.  The new school at Tigri (which will also serve as a church, and training center hub) needs paint, doors and electric work.  I think these are some things our church can do to help them reach the 1 billion lost people in India!

After the meeting, they took James & I prayer walking in a neighborhood where a member family attends.  While there, we met an extraordinary young man by the name of Segunder.  He is a believer, and was invited to work in a vacant building in this very poor area and set up a stationery shop.  He did, and built up quite a business.  Seeing how good the business had become, the woman who owned the shop kicked Segunder out, and gave the business to her own son!  The church prayed for Segunder, that the Lord would give him a new job.  He did, and Segunder began a new stationery shop a few blocks away.  Soon, his new business was thriving — but the woman’s son totally failed and the doors of her shop were again closed!  I told our translator that Segunder was just like Joseph in Genesis — he had God’s favor with him wherever he went.  When we left, I told Segunder: “Goodbye, Joseph!”  He just gave me a big smile!

Now it is back to the guest house to prepare for tomorrow: a conference for the Indian house church pastors and leaders.  I will open with a message, then James will speak, and I will conclude with a final address.  There will be some prayer and worship times interspersed as well.  There are well over 100 pastors and leaders registered (this should be interesting; they said the room only holds 100!).  It is a great opportunity to help train the men who will be on the front lines of reaching India with the gospel — many of whom have little or no training.  We will begin at 10 a.m. and it should run until about 4:00 in the afternoon.  Pray that the Lord would speak through us in a special way to His servants tomorrow!

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  1. Danny Pauley says:

    Let no one doubt that each day in India will extract a physical, emotional and spiritual toll on each of you and that while you may have had a light Monday it is not enough to catch up from the last few days nor prepare for the next couple of days of ministry. However, you are walking in good fashion for surely we can see in the gospels how Jesus ministered from early in the morning until well into the night. From your days there in India you have experienced what one of the days in the life of our Savior must have been like and you also can see what Jesus saw when he looked upon the crowds and felt sorrow that so many needed to hear His message, that the fields are white for harvest. May our great God continue to bless you as you carry forth His Name to all who will hear. It is exciting to know that pastors are coming and that when you leave the work will continue. May God bless those pastors and laymen with wisdom and knowledge, understanding and compassion. May He prepare their heart to seek the law of the Lord, to do it and to teach in India His holy Word. I pray that God will plant more “Segunder’s” in the midst of the people there. May each of you finish strong as you minister in these last couple of days.

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