Jet Lag

Some assorted notes while I am up with jet lag …

Pretty much all of the team had jet lag while we were over in India, waking up at 3:00 or 4:00 every morning, being up for a couple of hours, and then sometimes going back to bed for bit before starting the day.  This is understandable when you have gone halfway around the world, and are living on a schedule pretty much opposite from the one you have been used to.  Now, after leaving India at 1:50 a.m., flying back halfway around the world, and getting a couple of naps on the plane, I’m not sure what my new “sleep schedule” is going to be.  Well, I guess I have a clue: I am up now (3:00 a.m.!)

A serendipity: the last leg of the flight home, a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam to Houston, was only perhaps 1/3 full; I got to stretch out on a whole row of seats.   I was really dreading that flight, but God is better to us than we deserve!  (Aren’t we glad!)  Every time I woke up on that flight, I would open my eyes, smile and stretch my legs, and thank God for the blessing of that empty row!

Another blessing: before getting that seat row to myself, the Lord placed a young man in the seat next to me, to whom I was able to witness.  I actually did not feel well, and my head was killing me, but as the young man would say later, God placed me there to talk to him.  I believe that he was probably a Christian, but in need of some discipleship and instruction.  I reviewed the gospel with him, emphasizing that it is only faith in Jesus’ death on the cross that would save him, and helped him come to assurance that this is indeed what he had.  I also got to help him understand that although his faith was in Jesus, that people of other religions do NOT worship the same God; that all the religions of the world are based on works –what men can do for God — while Christianity is based on what GOD did for US in Jesus, a big difference.  I encouraged him to get his family back in church, and got to talk with him about a number of other issues before he left for his own empty row to nap for the rest of the flight home.  A double blessing from the Lord: an opportunity to minister, and then an unexpected nap which made the trip SO much more pleasant!  And I have felt a lot better ever since, too!

Oh, and another thing about this young man: when he asked me how old I was and I told him, he was shocked, and said he didn’t think I could have possibly been over 40, a couple of years older than he was.  Precious, precious fellow!

Well, one of the solaces of being up in the middle of the night is eating the homemade M & M/chocolate chip cookies that Cheryl put in the cookie dome for me!  Mmmm!  Almost makes having jet lag pleasant!

When I got up a bit ago, Cheryl woke up for a second and said: “After we went to bed, I was talking to you, and you started snoring right in the middle of one of my stories!”  That jet lag … kicks in at the worst times and you just can’t control it, I guess!

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2 Responses to Jet Lag

  1. Cheryl T. says:

    Don’t worry Shawn. I will tell all my stories over over again including all the details (for anything you might have missed). It is good to have you home.

  2. Derek says:

    Glad you made it home and had an inspiring trip.

    I definitely feel your pain on flipping your sleep/wake schedule.

    Keep the stories coming.

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