Writing From Exile

I’m writing from exile this evening.  Well, not from “exile” as such, but I am shut up back in my bedroom.  There is a Ladies Bible Study at our house this evening, and women from our church and community have converged in our living room.

I am really joking about the “exile”, too, by the way.  It is hardly exile.  I am sitting in the recliner that is in the bedroom, having just finished a plate of Mexican salad that Mrs. Merci, the Bible study leader, let me have a sample of – not to mention that Cheryl had already stocked me up with a selection of snacks, cookies, and several bottles of drinks on ice.  Exile?  Nah … more like a palace than exile!  I am not hurting one bit! 

Plus I think this is going to be worth it.  Our church has had Ladies Home Bible Studies the past two summers, and the Lord has really used them.  We have seen several women saved, and some join our church as a result.  Home Bible studies can be really effective.  It is a good opportunity to invite people who wouldn’t come to something at a church – but they will come to someone’s house.  And there is just something about the fellowship that you can have in a home.  I am sitting here listening to what is going on just outside my door.  They have started the meal they are going to share (the aforementioned Mexican food that I got to sample!).  I do not know how many ladies there are out there – I departed at the sound of the first doorbell! – but it sounds like about 280!  I know, our house couldn’t hold that many; but it SOUNDS like that many women are talking!  Now, before I get bombarded with comments on my misogynism, let me say that I consider the cacophony of voices to be a good thing!  They are enjoying themselves; having fellowship together.  God made us to need that, and I am glad that it sounds like they are getting it here tonight. 

In fact, the whole concept of home Bible studies is Biblical.  Acts tells us that the early church met in the temple and “from house to house.”  The early church thrived on home meetings.  Evidently it still works today.  Our church, First Baptist Moss Bluff, is having ladies Bible studies at 4 different locations this summer.  If you’re in the area, I would encourage you to participate in one.  Look up the locations on our website at fbcmossbluff.org.   If you are not from this area, maybe God would lead you to start one for your church – maybe in your home? 

Wait, it’s getting quiet out there … I think they are getting ready to start the Bible study.  I am going to say a prayer for them – from my “palatial exile”!

About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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