This Week in “Paradise” July 30

Pow … Bam … Zap!

I omitted a story from last week’s “Paradise” that Cheryl thought was too good to pass over. It comes from my last doctor’s appointment. I have had some random, but pretty sharp pains in my sides and back from time to time. I have read that some POTS patients have various pains, but as I had never specifically told Dr. Hebert about these, I thought that I should do so. So during my last appointment I launched into the description. It went something like this:

“From time to time I have these sharp pains; usually either on the right or left side of my ribs, and it feels just like someone is stabbing me with an ice pick. It is just real quick, “BAM” – just a quick jab, like someone just jabbed an ice pick into my right side. And then some days later, I will just be sitting there, and I’ll go “OWWW!” and it will feel like someone just stabbed me through my left ribs with an ice pick. But then, the other day as I was laying in bed, all the sudden, “YOUCH!” – I sat up with this really bad pain through the ribs in my back.”

Dr. Hebert sat there for a few seconds, with what I thought at the time was almost a bemused look on his face. Then he said, almost as if he were holding something back: “I don’t really know what to attribute that to.”

Then Cheryl quipped: “But wasn’t it a colorful description of his pains though?”

As if the dam had burst, both Cheryl & Dr. Hebert exploded in laughter at my “BAM … OWWW … YOUCH” descriptions. I guess I hadn’t realized just how animated I had been. Oh well, at least I managed to be very entertaining!

The Lecture

One night last week our internet went out again, and I ran through the process of trying to restore it. After using the diagnostic software, and getting no results, I tried a couple of other things – and finally something seemed to work. But unfortunately, I wasn’t quite sure WHY!

I said out loud: “Hmm, I don’t know if this modem worked because I reset it, or because I took the plug out of the surge protector and plugged it directly into the wall …”

Michael, who was observing the proceedings, responded: “You’ve got two variables, Dad! You should only have one variable in an experiment, or you don’t know which one worked.”

I said, “Yeah, you’re right.” But I felt as thoug I was sitting in a chemistry class lecture. At least I know Michael is learning his science!

Salsa Scent!

We continue to enjoy the homemade salsa that Cheryl made a few weeks ago. In fact, we have calculated that the dozens of jars she canned are not actually going to last us that long, at the rate we are consuming them. She’s planning on making even more next year.

The other day, Cheryl was munching on some salsa and chips, and, catching the aroma, I said, “Man, that salsa smells SO good!”

Cheryl said: “That’s a good thing, ‘cause I just spilled it all over myself!”

Now this is getting ridiculous …

I mentioned last week that one night I asked Cheryl to get me some milk and cookies because the kitten was napping on my leg, and I “couldn’t” disturb her rest. A little follow-up to that:

I was in the living room sending some e-mails from home last Friday, when I saw Michael pass by and make his way to Cheryl’s scrapbook room. On his way back through, he said: “Mom just sent me a text asking me to come and bring her the remotes for the TV & DVD player in her scrapbooking room, because the kitty is taking a nap in her lap and she can’t get up”!

Things may be getting a bit out of hand here with this kitten …


The Dream:

Friday night I slept very well, and when I woke up I could vividly remember one particular dream I had. I was standing in a building observing what was going on underneath, when over my head came a basketball, smoldering, as if it were on fire, and hurtling down below where I stood. Turns out there was a basketball game going on down there, and the team I supported was being trounced. In my dream I turned to Michael Jordan and a couple of my friends and said to them: “Let’s go: let’s go set an NBA record by coming back from 72 points down!”

The meaning of that dream? I dare say I could probably read some things into what my subconscious mind was saying, but I won’t do that here (I’ll leave that for my “analyst”;) But regardless of the specific meaning, you must admit that I’ve got quite an ambitious subconscious here in Paradise!


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2 Responses to This Week in “Paradise” July 30

  1. oloryn says:

    You wouldn’t by chance have been watching reruns of the old 1960’s “Batman”, would you? That might explain the pain descriptions.

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Ha — that is SO funny! I actually LIVED for those “Batman” shows when I was a boy — and when I printed this story I was wishing I had some of those very “Batman” action “bubbles” (or whatever you call them) to post with it!

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