The Danger of Indignance

Mark 10:41 “And hearing this, the ten began to feel indignant toward James and John.”

We need to be aware that sometimes our response to someone’s sin may be as great or greater than their sin which elicited our response!  In Mark 10, James & John sinned in ignorance (or in ambition) by asking to be seated at Jesus’ left and right.  They were adequately rebuked and dealt with by Jesus.  But now there was as great – or even GREATER — danger of sin by the other 10 disciples, that of becoming bitter about what James & John tried to do!

This is something we need to beware of – especially those of us who have avoided some of the more “flagrant” sins.  We see the “James & John” type rush ahead indiscriminately into sin, and get corrected by the Lord in the process.  They get their rebuke from the Lord, have their correction, and can go on, with the assurance of God’s grace and forgiveness.  But the danger for those watching, or associated with them in some way, is that now we, who were innocent of the original sin, will succumb to the sin of bitterness and indignation against them for what they did, or tried to do.  Now it is our turn to see that our indignant attitude, or bitterness towards them for what they did, is as bad – or worse! – than the original sin they committed!  God may be showing you today that your response to someone who sinned may be as bad in His eyes as the sin you are so upset in that other person!

This is why Jesus did not leave this issue alone, but when He saw the indignation in the ten disciples, the next verse says He “called them to Himself” and addressed this.  For He knew that there is a “danger in indignance”!

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