This Week in “Paradise” August 20

Many naive church members consider the pastor’s home to be a “paradise” on earth. We prove otherwise every week! 🙂

Pop Goes The Weasel!

When Libby and Josh came home for the weekend, they were entertained by20120820-210255.jpghow Eponine, our baby kitten, kept jumping into and out of a little brown paper grocery sack. After watching her toy with the sack for a bit, Michael decided to “wrap her up” in the sack and bring her to me as a “surprise gift.” I opened the top of the sack, and looked down into it, and immediately recoiled, as Eponine rocketed out of the sack and jumped straight at my face in a fiery combination of a jack-in-the-box and a clawed demon! I yelped, she hit the ground running, and the kids all doubled over with laughter!

Abridged Version, Please!

Cheryl & Michael took Eponine to Bieber’s Animal Hospital to get her shots on Tuesday afternoon. While they were there, Dr. Kevin Bieber asked Cheryl: “Where did you get that name?”

Cheryl told him that it was the name of an unlikely heroine from Victor Hugo’s epic, Les Miserables. She outlined the basic plot for just a minute, and then added: “Do you want me to tell you the whole story? It’s only about 1400 pages long!”

Shades of Einstein?

Wednesday was “one of those days” with POTS that I just barely got up, had my quiet time, did my cycle exercise – and went right back to bed. I woke up several hours later, still feeling poorly. But when I realized I had been asleep for so long, I knew I needed to get up and get some water, as keeping hydrated is crucial for people with POTS. So I stumbled into the kitchen to get something to drink. On the way I met Michael. I said, “Are you doing your school work?”

“Yes”, he said, “I just finished my math. Did you just get up?”

“Yes, I did”, I said. “How did you know?”

“Your hair looks, very … uh … ‘scientific’, Dad!”


Wednesday around noon, Cheryl & Michael were struggling to get Mike’s science experiment to work. Suddenly a huge cheer came out of the kitchen. It sounded exactly like what you’d hear during a big football game. I asked what all the excitement was about.

“It finally turned into a magnet!”, they hollered with excitement.

I guess that’s something like a touchdown!

Simple Science

Doing those science experiments together is one of Cheryl & Michael’s favorite parts of home schooling. After finishing the one last Wednesday, they talked about what Michael had learned, and discussed a couple of questions he had. From their language and tone, I could tell that they were both very buoyed by the experience; they had a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Cheryl playfully called into the other room: “Shawn, do YOU have any questions?!”

I have never really enjoyed science or math, though I am glad that Cheryl does.

“No,” I said. “My science is summed up as, ‘I Trust God!’”

Is It Over Yet?

Wednesday night after church, we watched an old 1970’s mystery on Netflix, but it was very poorly acted, and seemed to drag on and on.

At one point, Cheryl asked: “Do we know how long this is?”

Me: “Too. It’s TOO long!”

Then I added: “The introduction said only 3 people out of 100 could guess the ending. Probably only 3 out of 100 stayed to watch the ending!”

Snack Time

With POTS, I am supposed to “graze” throughout the day, and eat smaller meals, to help keep as much blood from being diverted from my brain to my digestive system, as would happen after a big meal. Instead I try to just keep snacking all day long. I told someone it is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Wednesday afternoon I was in my recliner, and realized I hadn’t had a snack in a while, so I called into the kitchen to see if anyone was there. Cheryl answered and said she was, and asked why.

I said, “I need a snack.”

“Ok, what kind of snack do you want?”

Teasing, I said with a tone of fake annoyance: “I don’t know, just a snack!”

“Oh, I see, you want a SMACK!” 😉

Lovers’ Quarrel?

Michael is totally enamored with Eponine. He loves it when he picks her up, and she puts her two paws out and holds his face. She doesn’t do that for any of the rest of us, so he takes it as a special token of affection.

The other day Cheryl & Michael had Eponine out in the back yard, and she had been feisty; she was lightly biting them as they toyed with her, as cats are prone to do when they play. Michael picked her up, and she put her paws out on his face, as he said in a baby voice to her: “Are you a biting kitten?”

Just then I heard him shriek – she playfully bit Michael right on the nose!

A little lovers’ quarrel, here in “Paradise”? 🙂



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