This Week in “Paradise” Oct. 1

This week in the earthly “paradise” otherwise known as the pastor’s home, I threw …

Caution to the Wind
Monday night I was standing at the kitchen counter, halving some of my prescription pills with the pill splitter, and placing a half tablet of that particular medication in each slot of the weekly pill holder for the next 7 days. Cheryl came out of the office and saw me and said, “Should you be standing there like that?”
I responded: “No … but you know me; just ‘born to be wild’!” 😉

Sometimes when I am not feeling well, I do not care what I look like. I had a day like that last week, when Cheryl, Michael & I were waiting at McDonalds drive-through. Cheryl looked over at me and said, “I hope no one can see your hair through that window.” I told her I didn’t care. Michael had a plan: “We’ll just tell them he’s a German scientist!”

I have mentioned before that I have been doing “laps” in the house for my walks, since it has been so hot and humid out. I go from the dining room, through the kitchen, then down the front hallway, in a little “loop.” But one day last week, I was “ambushed.” Eponine, our kitten, saw me doing these “laps”, and at first just watched me make several rounds, with obvious interest. Then suddenly, she began springing out and making faux “attacks” at me, from underneath the dining room table, or from a spot in the bookshelf in the hallway — or my favorite, from under the buffet table. I never knew where the “ambush” would come from next! Making my circuit on the lookout for the next assault, I felt exactly like the old wagon trains of yesteryear must have — just waiting for the next “surprise attack”!


First Big Kill!
Speaking of Eponine, she not only launches fake attacks at the “wagon train” as it goes by — she is starting to live up to her potential as a great hunter. She brought her first “kill” up to me on the carpet, see:


What’s That?
I said something to Cheryl Saturday while we were watching a football game, and she said, “I am getting harder of hearing, and your voice keeps trailing off.”
I said, “Hmm .. that’s not a very good combination, is it?”
Cheryl: “Whatever you just said, I couldn’t hear it!”

Oh yeah; it’s “Paradise”! 😉

About Shawn Thomas

My blog,, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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