Nursery Lessons About God

Psalm 22 is about trust in God, even under adverse circumstances which might lead one to doubt. In it, David said that his first lesson in trust came at an earlier age than many might think. He wrote in :9, “You made me trust upon my mother’s breasts.” From its very first moments with a caring mother, a newborn baby learns some vital lessons:

— that there is a place to find comfort;
— that there is a love to be received;
— that there is provision for their needs;
— that there is satisfaction and rest to be found.
— that these things are to be found in a relationship with a person they come to trust, who loves and provides for them.

The unspoken, but powerful influence of a mother in those very first, simple acts and moments, may teach the soul of the child its first, vital, and irreplaceable lessons about their needs, and about the God who can meet them. The trust that comes from a child’s relationship with his or her mother plants in them the seeds of trust in God, who is the ultimate source of comfort, love, provision and satisfaction for all of us. God has always dealt with His people through faith (Hebrews 11:6), and the Bible tells us here in Psalm 22 that one’s first lesson in faith may be received before he is even consciously aware of learning any lessons at all, from the comfort and provision found in a loving mother.

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