The Personal Priority of the Word

Psalm 119 is all about the commitment that the Psalmist has to the word of God. In :134-136 we see several examples of the priority that scripture has for him:

— In :134 he prays: “Redeem me from the oppression of man.” WHY — so that he can “be happy” or “enjoy life”, like many of us would reason? NO, he asks it: “That I may keep Your precepts”! He longs to be set free from oppression so that he may keep God’s word in an unfettered manner!

— :135 again shows the priority of God’s word for him. He asks: “Make Your face shine upon Your servant – and teach me Your statutes.” WHAT would be the evidence that God had made His face shine upon him? Many would have said money, or success, or position, etc., but he said that God’s favor would be manifest if He would teach him His word!

— :136 adds: “My eyes shed streams of water, because they do not keep Your Law”. What is it that touches him; that causes his emotions to rise to the point of shedding tears? Whatever makes a person cry says a lot about them: do they cry at fictitious dramas, or for the griefs of real people? Do they cry over personal hurts, or for the needs of others? Here we see that the Psalmist sheds tears NOT because of any personal hurt or affront – but that God’s word is not being kept!

We see repeatedly in Psalm 119 the priority that the word of God has for this Psalmist. In :134-136 we see specifically how this is true for him: in difficulty, in what he considers a blessing, and in what triggers his emotions. May we be able to make the same claim about our commitment to the word of God!

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