David’s 3 Commitments In Trials

In Psalm 71, David rehearsed in :10-13 all of the troubles he was facing: those who were watching for his life (:10) etc. Then he said in :14, “BUT AS FOR ME …” and he listed 3 actions he was committed to even in the midst of his trials:

1. “But as for me, I will HOPE CONTINUALLY” this deals with his heart and his trust. He was not going to give up, no matter how badly things looked; he would continue to hope.

2. “And I will PRAISE You YET MORE AND MORE”. This is his response to God. It is reminiscent of the contemporary song, “I will praise You in this storm.” So David in his trial was committed to praise God yet even more in his difficulties.

3. “My mouth shall TELL of Your righteousness and of Your salvation ALL DAY LONG”. This is how he reflects his commitment to God in his trial to others: he will tell them about the Lord.
David said he would speak of two things regarding God; each is significant:
a) He would speak of God’s righteousness. Even though he had difficulties, he did not blame God. The Lord was still righteous and holy; there is no fault with Him.
b) He would speak of God’s salvation. He will continue to tell how God saves — and how he still believed that God would deliver HIM from this trial!

Notice these commitments affect all of his relationships;
— In himself he will “hope”.
— Towards God he will “praise”
— To others he will “tell.”

And notice the continual nature of his commitment to do these things: He will hope “continually”; He will praise “more and more”; he will tell “all day long”! It is not that he will do these things once or twice, but he would do each of them persistently. That is reflective of his commitment to God in his trial.

David is a great model for us in our own trials. Like him, we should never give up, but praise Him while we “hope continually” — and look for opportunities to tell others about the God we trust!

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