“The Little Condo on the Prairie” (Oct. 22, 2013)

Homeschool, household chores, and a preaching trip to Beggs, America mark this week’s installment of the “Little Condo”:

Cheryl & Michael’s math lessons could probably fuel their own comedy show. I get a lot of chuckles out of listening to their interaction from the other room. This week’s highlights included:

The two of them were wrangling with an Algebra problem Monday morning, and they were having a time of it. At one point, Michael came up with an idea that he thought would really help: “I think we need some ‘Math Cake!'”
(I guess it didn’t help that they do math in the kitchen, and that made-from-scratch chocolate and caramel icing cake was staring at him from under the dome!)


While solving a particular equation, the combination “R2T2” came up on the blackboard. Michael got a big smile on his face and he started to say something (undoubtedly related to his beloved “Star Wars”!) Cheryl would have none of it, though: “I don’t know what you’re about to say, but don’t even think about it!”

One morning, Michael sat down on the couch to read his history and literature lessons. Our cat Eponine almost immediately jumped up and laid down over his book (for some reason she seems to like the smooth feeling of the paper; she often does that same thing to me too — either that, or she enjoys being the center of attention!) A few seconds later Cheryl walked into the room and raised her eyebrows at Michael, who was just sitting there petting the cat.
“Uh … this isn’t what it looks like?”, Michael offered weakly!


I wasn’t sure how to load something in the dishwasher the other day while Cheryl was gone, so I just did what every man does — I consulted the chart, right? You don’t know what I mean? Yeah, you know, the dishwasher loading chart that every wife tapes to the cupboard door, just over the dishwasher, so that whoever is loading it will know how to stack their dishes in it?
(Just in case you think I am kidding, I offer the following: )


Cheryl, Michael & I went to Sonic one morning to “splurge” for brunch.
As I was getting ready to order, I asked Cheryl what size tater tots she wanted with her breakfast sandwich. “Just get me whatever size you get”, she said with certainty.
“I am getting a small”.
She quickly added: “Then get me a medium!”
We both burst out laughing at her sudden “course correction”!

I had the privilege of preaching at Crossroads Baptist in Beggs, Oklahoma, for a couple of weeks, and while we were there we greatly enjoyed renewing our fellowship with many good friends from Crossroads, First Baptist, and other churches in the area. Many of these folks we saw again for the first time in almost 20 years! It was a wonderful couple of weekends.
One Sunday afternoon, Cheryl & I visited with Chris & Lesley Gore (Chris is the pastor of First Baptist, Beggs, and Mrs. Lesley is the author of the blog “Mrs. Gore’s Diary”, which you should check out here if you haven’t already). As it was getting later in the afternoon, I needed to begin reviewing the message I was going to share that night. Mrs. Gore very graciously prepared their office for me, and led me there to study. She had some classical music playing in the background, and before she left she asked if that was alright, or if I would prefer to have it turned off. I rather enjoyed the soothing feel of the music, so I said she should leave it on. Thus I began my study to the calming background of the classics.
I had almost finished reviewing the message when there was a short break in the music, and all of the sudden, a “big band” kicked in, playing an up-tempo introduction which gave me a start and raised my eyebrows. Then the familiar voice of Frank Sinatra himself launched into a vivacious rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”!
I laughed heartily and decided that study time was over, but I walked out of the room with a needed smile on my face. It was kind of hard not to want to change my message over to a Christmas sermon …


Cheryl & I were getting ready to go for a late walk one evening, but we were afraid it might still be raining, as it had been for a good portion of the day. Cheryl said she would go check. I put a warm shirt on, but was waiting to see whether I needed to have a hoodie, or a rain jacket over it. I waited for a minute, but Cheryl didn’t come back. I walked into the living room, and she was sitting down, doing something on her iPhone. I had supposed that she would just stick her head out the door and check the weather, but decided that looking at the radar on the phone was not a bad idea either.
“So you’re checking the weather on that?”, I asked.
“Oh yeah, the weather!” Cheryl exclaimed. “I forgot what I came in here for, so I just started checking Facebook!”

Well, I hope you are not neglecting something else you should be doing in order to read my blog, but I am glad that you joined us this week for some of the happenings at “The Little Condo on the Prairie”!

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My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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