No Beds of Ease

II Samuel 5:17 tells us: “When the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, all the Philistines went up to seek out David.” We read in :12 that David realized how God had established and blessed him as king over Israel. But here we see that this did NOT mean that it was all going to be “happily ever after.” The Philistines were coming up against him to go to war. God’s blessing on David did NOT mean there will not be conflict and difficulty. It was just that in his battles, he knew that God was with him, and would bless him.

In a similar way, Christians today need to realize that following the Lord does NOT mean that we will all have “flowery beds of ease” with no enemies, no problems, and no difficulties. In fact, Paul commands us in Ephesians 6 to put on the spiritual armor — for there WILL be warfare! As long as we live, we will have conflict with the world, the flesh, and the devil. But the great blessing we have, like David, is in knowing that God is with us if we have entrusted ourselves to Him in Jesus Christ, and He will bless and help us in our battles, for His kingdom and glory.

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