The Little Condo (2-04-14)

If you were a fly on the wall of the “Little Condo”, you would have heard some of the following quips and shenanigans around here the past couple of weeks:

Cheryl, reading Danny Akin’s theology for the Academy class at Trinity: “Do you mind if I eat some Cheetos while I read this book?”
Me: “Just don’t get any orange all over it!”

Paul: “Mom & I are having macaroni & cheese and some steamed broccoli for dinner. Do you want some?”
Me: “No, I think I’ll make some of my ‘Pioneer Woman’ spicy blackeyed pea dip.”
Paul: “That’s lame.”
Me: “Lame?! That’s coming from the guy who’s having macaroni & broccoli?!”

Cheryl, reading aloud various Facebook posts, suddenly stops and asks: “Why do we have all these posts from this same guy?”
Then: “Oh wait, I am on his timeline.”
At least she’s keeping Paul & I entertained!

Once when Michael had questioned the value of solving complex mathematics equations, Cheryl asked him: “Haven’t you ever seen ‘Apollo 13’? They had to use math, with no computers to help, to plot their way back to earth!”
So … the other day, Cheryl & Michael were working furiously on an Algebra II problem, and when they finally got it, as they were exulting together Michael cried out: “We saved Apollo 13!”

After a particularly trying few days at seminary, our daughter Libby sent Cheryl a text: “So people may be stopping by to check on us today … I haven’t showered since Sunday, got about 4 hours sleep, and I feel the need to have something baked to offer them when they come. I blame you :p”

Cheryl, Michael, Paul & I were sitting in the living room talking about the Christian testimony of Peyton Manning which has been circulating on the internet. It came up that in the article, he mentioned that although he was a believer, he drank beer.
Michael: “So does that mean he is a Calvinist?” (He and I had previously talked about how many of the new Calvinists have a more lenient view of alcohol.)
Me: “I doubt it … I think he is more of the ‘Compromised Arminian’ type …”.

Michael, sitting on the floor in the living room because Paul was stretched out on the couch: “Paul can you toss me one of those pillows from the couch?”
Paul: “No, I am laying on them.”
Michael: “ALL of them?”
Paul: “Yes.”
Michael (in his best sermonic story-telling tone) : “There once was a man who had 100 sheep, and he wouldn’t give even one to the man who had none …”
Paul (who would have none of it) : “Was he LAYING COMFORTABLY on them at the time?!”

Michael: “When we move to a church, I only have one request: can we have a big enough house to where I have a place to sit when we are all four in the living room at the same time?”
(We assured him that a house where we could entertain people from church would indeed be a priority on our list. Poor thing! We told you it was a “little condo”! 🙂


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