Public Vindication

“Over them return on high.” In Psalm 7, David had been falsely accused by his enemies, and here in the second part of :7 he asks God to return and publicly vindicate him. Many of us can identify with this request.

It is not entirely wrong to want a situation to end in a way which proves our critics wrong, and vindicates us when we are truly righteous. There is a public element in all of this. Should slanderers and accusers be allowed to “triumph” over us; should people be allowed to think wrongly of us; should things end (at least on earth) in this way? No, David says. Publicly return, YHWH, and set things right for us! We have faith that things will be better in the next world, but do it in and for the eyes of our opponents, and for all the watching world.

We must realize that God does not always do that in this life (the stories of the oppressed saints in Hebrews 11 serve as a good reminder of that). Our ultimate faith must be in His judgment after this life.

People who falsely accuse us are being tested by God regarding our situation, and they will be held responsible for their words and actions. But we need to remember that we are also responsible for OURS! Trust God, live righteously, and serve Him as He gives you ability, regardless of what anyone else thinks. And put your faith in the fact that God will vindicate you, whether in this life or the next. But it is not wrong, like David, to desire that vindication to happen now, for all to see.

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