Because …

In Psalm 9:4 David prays: “For You have maintained my just cause; You have sat on the throne judging righteously.” The word “for” here is an important one. Just as in English, the Hebrew word “qi” is a small word, but it has great significance. It can be translated “for”, or “because.” Like the word “therefore”, it points the reader of this verse back to the ones previous:

In verses 1-2 David had declared how he would give thanks and sing to God, despite his circumstances, and in :3 he spoke of how the enemies who were oppressing him would stumble and perish. This is where “qi” comes in: “FOR …”, “BECAUSE …” GOD is on the throne judging righteously! David can rejoice in difficult circumstances, and trust that all will eventually be well, because he had a solid conviction that God was on His throne!

This same conviction can anchor our lives as well. When we know that God is on the throne, it should give us confidence. He is in charge of our circumstances. We know that He will lead us in the right direction and cause all things to work together for His purposes. If someone is oppressing us unrighteously, they will not “get away with it”: God is on the throne; He will set things right! When we are tempted to be dismayed over the declining moral standards of our nation, again we can remember: God is on the throne! His kingdom will come and His will WILL be done!

We can find comfort in all of these areas and more, when like David we remember that little word, “qi”, “for”, “because”: God is on the throne. And that makes all the difference!

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