The Little Condo on the Prairie (4-28-14)

I’ve been busy preaching every Sunday and leading Bible Study on Wednesday nights — basically working a full-time schedule — for which I am very grateful! But one “side effect” is that I have not kept up my “Little Condo” articles with “news” about our family’s antics. So here’s a “catch-up” article with a few stories and conversations from the past couple of months around our place:

Michael to Paul, as he was heading out of the house: “You’re going to a movie alone on Valentine’s night? That’s lame.”
Paul: “That’s coming from the guy who’s staying home and watching HGTV with his parents?”

We love Skyping with Libby & Corley Jane — and get a kick out of her different “hairstyles.” This one doesn’t need much explanation:


To be fair, here’s a better picture of these two beauties in the snow:


Since the weather has turned better, Paul & I have been out to play tennis a few times. One particular evening, Michael also came along. At one point after I hit 3 successive serves into the net, Michael suggests: “Here, Dad, like this …” He tossed the ball up, swung at it with his racket and MISSED — and the ball came down and hit him right in the face! Needless to say we all had a laughter break! 🙂

Michael, watching Paul tinker with his new smart phone: “So what makes the 5s better than the 5?”
Paul: “It’s newer.”

Cheryl woke up one day with a bad catch in her back. After got up, she was stretched out on the couch, in quite a bit of pain. Wanting to help, I said: “Is there anything I can get you?”
“Not right now,” Cheryl responded. “I’m gonna wait till you’re sitting comfortably.”

Later that day, Cheryl lamented: “My back is killing me; I have messed it up somehow.”
Michael: “Listen, Mom, don’t worry about Algebra today; you just rest.”
What a thoughtful son 🙂

Cheryl & I went to our favorite Indian restaurant, “A Taste of India” in Norman, for lunch the other day. Our favorite is the Chicken Tikka Masala (they call it Butter — or actually “budder” 🙂 Chicken on the buffet there) but I tried a couple of other things on the buffet too. Spearing an unidentified “thing”, I said to Cheryl: “I’m not sure what this bite is.”
“Well?” Cheryl said, after I had bitten into it.
“I’m still not sure …”


Michael: “I wonder how Adam came up with names for the animals when there wasn’t any history yet. How would he name them? Did he just say, ‘I think I’ll call him “Bob”‘?” After a few moments he added: “I guess that’s how they ended up with names like ‘Mahalalel’ ….”.

My ears perked up when I heard Cheryl teaching Michael about syllogisms from the Saxon Algebra II book. Unlike most of what they discuss regarding math, I knew about syllogisms: “Hey, that’s right out of my J.I. Packer ‘Lectures on the Puritans.’ You reason from a major premise to a minor premise, to a conclusion. For example, the major premise could be, ‘Whoever believes in Christ will go to heaven.’ The minor premise is, ‘I believe in Christ.’ The conclusion, therefore, is: ‘I will go to heaven.'”
Cheryl: “That’s good; it goes right with what this book says. That will help us. Now, for the example from the book: ‘All chickens …'”.
Michael quickly answered: “Go to heaven!”

Taking Michael to one of his friends’ house for an airsoft “battle”, I asked him if this friend went to Bethel Baptist. “No,” he said, “He goes to one of those ‘one name’ churches”.
“You mean like ‘Journey’ or ‘Conglomeration’?” I asked.
He looked at me: “Is ‘Conglomeration’ really a church name?!”
“Not that I know of, but it would probably fit some of them!”

Cheryl & Michael were going over their Algebra II lesson for the day, and learned a new acronym for a mathematical term regarding congruent triangles (whatever that is;-). The term was “CPCTC”.
Michael responds: “CPCTC. Hopefully that is not something that is going to keep Dad from preaching at his next church!” 😉

Cheryl: “Oh, by the way, I declined a friend request on Facebook for you.”
Me: “Really?”
Cheryl: “She was from Lebanon. A model. With no mutual friends.”
Me: “Aw man …”
Cheryl: “You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for!” 🙂

Our son David posted this picture of an igloo he & his wife Ashley made during a snowstorm at seminary this winter. “This may be the best thing we have ever made — except for Abigail, of course” — referring to their baby girl, which they are expecting the first part of May! I trust that the next “Little Condo” you read may feature our newest addition. Until then: “the best thing they’ve made except for Abigail”:



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