Do They See You Trust God?

Jehoash, the king of Judah, had been used by God to bring reform & revival to the land. But it did not appear that he finished well. II Kings 13:17 says that the King of Aram set his face to invade Jerusalem, and verse 18 says: “Jehoash king of Judah took all the sacred things that Jehoshaphat and Jehoram and Ahaziah, his fathers, kings of Judah, had dedicated, and his own sacred things and all the gold that was found among the treasures of the house of YHWH and of the king’s house, and sent them to Hazael king of Aram. Then he went away from Jerusalem.”

One is left wondering about the actions that Jehoash took. It seems like instead of surrendering all of the treasures of God’s house, Jehoash should have trusted God to deliver them from the enemy. Although no “editorial comment” is made in the scripture, it does appear to the onlooker as though the king did not trust God.

Of course, it is relatively easy for us to look at another person’s life and point out how they didn’t seem to trust God — especially when we are not dealing with their circumstances. Perhaps the better question for each of us to ponder is: “What are people seeing in ME? Do they see me trusting God in the midst of MY circumstances?” Or might family members, friends, church members — and those who do not know the Lord — look at my actions and wonder, like we do of Jehoash: “Why didn’t he trust God?”

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