“The Little Condo on the Prairie” (Aug. 19, 2014)

Join this pastor’s family for Saturday morning coffee & doughnuts and more in this week’s “Little Condo on the Prairie”:

One Saturday morning I went out early (relatively speaking, for a Saturday, you understand!) to get some doughnuts to bring home for breakfast for everyone. After I arrived, Cheryl was chopping up a bunch of vegetables for a stew she was putting in the crock pot, and I put on some coffee to go with breakfast.
I stood before the array of doughnuts and mused out loud: “Now the big problem: do I want a chocolate cake doughnut, or a blueberry cake? They both sound so good!”
Cheryl quipped: “Get both; that’s how I solve that!”
Paul: “That’s what I did!”

After I made the “big doughnut decision” (I picked chocolate!) I went to get the cup of coffee I’d made, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that Cheryl was moving towards that very same spot to get her vegetables. I know that the general rule in the kitchen is not to get in the way of the chef, at the hazard of one’s health, but I made an instantaneous strategic decision not to look up, but just to snatch my coffee and get out of the way as quickly as possible.
After I grabbed my cup and started walking away, Paul, who was watching the proceedings from the kitchen table, laughed.
I responded: “I didn’t see, but I’m sure there was something there!”
Paul said: “You got a look!”
I laughed: Cheryl has a lot of implements in the kitchen, and she knows how to use them. I could’ve gotten a lot worse!

I was pacing in the pastor’s office at First Baptist, Pauls Valley, last week, and was meditating on the message for Sunday when Vann, the custodian, stopped at the office door and asked if I was enjoying it at the church. I told him I was. He then looked at the floor fan I had going and asked if I was hot. “Yes,” I said. “I am a bit hot this afternoon; I don’t know why.”
Then I saw him look up, at a black vent on the wall. “Well, your vent is closed!”, he said.
He flipped a lever and “voila!” — cool air began pouring into the room!
Sometimes all it takes is one guy who knows what he is doing!

One day while I was at the office, Cheryl fixed up a little “nook” in the entryway of our “Little Condo”, with a wooden bench and a picture (you can see it below). I told her I thought it was really neat. She pointed out all the details about it: “See, there’s bird seed in there, to put out for the birds on the front porch; and a place to put shoes underneath…”, and she added: “You can even sit down here if you need to.”
I said, “Yeah, some time when I just need to get away from it all.”
Cheryl began one of her long laughs — the “nook” is about a 2 & 1/2 feet “getaway” from the living room!


I started running again to regain my conditioning after a little “flareup” of POTS in June during which I didn’t exercise much. I have been back at it for several weeks now and haven’t had any adverse reactions to it — in fact I generally feel better after my run than before. Except for once …
I started a run the other evening and had just gotten to the end of the parking lot, where I have to cut under a tree to get to the trail at the park. I evidently drug my feet just a bit, and tripped over a root. I hit the ground hard, primarily on my left knee and hand. It rocked my whole body and I lay there stunned for about a minute. The first thing I did was, revealingly enough, look around to ascertain if anyone had seen me! Then I saw that my knee was bleeding. My whole body hurt, and I felt like crawling back to the condo, but I imagined the voice of the coach in the movie “Chariots of Fire” saying, “Get up … get up!” With some effort I did roll over, got up and finished the run.
Later I chuckled at my dramatic imagination, picturing myself as a hero in “Chariots of Fire.” A more fitting movie title for this episode might have been “Roots.” 🙂

We are doing some minor remodeling to the “little condo”, to make it more of a home for however long we are going to be here. Once again I came home from the office one day to discover that Cheryl had gotten an enormous amount of things done. She said she gets more accomplished when I am not there (I try not to take that personally!) but afterwards she was pretty worn out from the effort. At one point she sighed and asked: “Is there an age limit for remodeling your house?”

Oh well, at least someone is enjoying the mess:


I was afraid this next scenario was not going to end well, however (but no animals were harmed in the making of this week’s “Little Condo”!)


Well, I am not going to end this with pictures of the cat — how about the latest, cutest pictures of our grand daughters?
Here’s Abigail looking pretty:

And here’s Corley Janey getting her first haircut!


I got my hair cut this week too, but for some reason I didn’t have anyone snapping any pictures of it. Oh well, maybe next time! 🙂

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My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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6 Responses to “The Little Condo on the Prairie” (Aug. 19, 2014)

  1. Joanne Thompson says:

    Love you stories & messages

  2. nancy mcgee says:

    Always enjoy your Little Condo on the Prairie stories.  Better watch out for Van.  He’s a prankster.  A lot of fun to work with but he will get ya when you least expect it.  We have a long time running “prank” war.  lol


  3. Joy Allee says:

    That would be a cute “time out” place. I know the feeling about a fall. Still trying to recover from mine. Sure miss you all.

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