The Little Condo on the Prairie (10-28-14)

We enjoy our family’s fantasy football league, “Try Ruling the World Some Time”, named after the phrase from the movie, “The Princess Bride.” Each of our teams also has a “Princess Bride” name — for example, mine is “Wait Till I Get Going”, Cheryl’s is “Humiliations Galore”, and Paul’s is “Cummerbund.” We all get a kick out of following the games, and it bring us all together — well, for the most part, as you can see in our first couple of stories from this week’s “Little Condo”:

One week, Cheryl & Paul each had a receiver on Peyton Manning’s team, the Denver Broncos, and as the team approached the end zone, they were each cheering for their receiver to get the touchdown catch — and the resulting big points in Fantasy Football. Suddenly, Cheryl squealed with delight as her man caught the ball, and Paul exclaimed: “Mom stinks!”
Just another way our fantasy football league enhances our family togetherness 🙂

Cheryl’s fantasy football team was not off to a good start this year, losing her first two match-ups due in part to a couple of bad injuries to two of her top players. So matched up with me on Week 3, she said before the games began, “I don’t even care if I win, I’d just be happy with a close game.” Later that day, following some poor games by a couple of my players, Cheryl was ahead, although I had one player left who was doing quite well, and her lead was shrinking by the minute.
“Do you remember what I said about not caring if I win?” Cheryl asked.
“Yeah,” I said.
“I didn’t mean it!”

Back to homeschool Algebra, Cheryl saw the importance of using the words “numerator” and “denominator” instead of “top” or “bottom” number today. At one point, in going over an Algebra II problem, she told Michael, “You don’t want a radicand in the bottom”. Michael began to laugh hysterically: “Get the pliers; I’ve got a radicand in my bottom!”

In the aftermath of a difficult and disappointing experience we went through recently, Cheryl asked if I thought that the reason was that we needed humility.
“Humility?” I said. “We are the most humble people I know!”
We looked at each other silently for about three seconds — and then both burst out laughing!

Cheryl & I can be the worst at deciding where to go when eating out. We can keep saying, “I don’t know …” to each other until almost we starve to death.
At one point, I came back into the living room with my tennis shoes and started putting them on. Cheryl said: “Oh, did we decide on something to eat?”
“No”, I said. “I’m getting them on just in case!”

I went to Wal-Mart one day recently, and hadn’t shaved or anything, because, you know, I won’t see anyone there. OF COURSE I actually ended up encountering several people I knew! :-/ One person I hadn’t seen in some time told me they were glad I was feeling better. “You look good”, they said. “Looks like you’ve gained some weight.”
I know in some cultures that would probably constitute a compliment, but despite my assurances to the person that I had actually lost a few pounds over the past months, I considered the day to be already lost …

Watching our first baseball game of the year during the World Series (yeah, we were a little late this season):
Me: “I think I could get back into baseball. I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now.”
Michael, incredulously: “What?!”
Me: “I mean watching it, not PLAYING it!”
Michael: “Oh good …”

One day last week, Cheryl asked me if I had walked on the trail during my prayer walk. I said I had. She said she did too, and asked: “Did you see the guy in tree?”
“No”, I said, wondering …
“Well, there was a guy up in a tree just around that one turn. He was sitting up there swinging his legs and eating an apple.”
I asked her if she had been worried that he was dangerous.
“No”, she said. “People who munch on apples aren’t bad guys.”

Oh, by the way, Michael, Paul & I are working on a rap video for the International Mission Board. It is probably going to go viral nationally. Just thought I’d give all my friends a heads’ up. 😉 Here’s your privileged preview picture:


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