“The Little Condo on the Prairie” 11-21-14

I know it’s supposedly “Thanksgiving” holiday, but with the grand babies coming in we see it more as:


The kids and grandkids should be on their way to Norman today, and boy, have we been getting ready for them! Cookie baking and remodeling are among the headlines for this week’s “Little Condo”:

With the kids all coming in, Cheryl wanted there to be multiple choices of cookies in the freezer whenever anyone needed a snack. So one day last week, just after Cheryl had made a batch of cookies, my sister Erin came over. I brought her a cookie, and to be “nice”, I tore off a paper towel to serve her with, instead of just using my naked (and presumably germy) hand.
Afterwards, Cheryl suggested nicely that next time I use one of a stack of cheap fast-food napkins we have stored up, instead of the expensive “select-a-size” paper towel I had snatched.
Well, the next day Erin came back over, and Cheryl was still making cookies, this time some of the famous “pink cookies” we all loved when we were in high school, so she asked me to bring Erin one. When I entered the room, cookie in hand, Cheryl exclaimed: “Hey, you used the paper napkin this time!”
I said: “Hey, I can be trained!”

Cheryl really went all-out making those cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter with a Hershey’s kiss, “pink cookies”, chocolate no-bake, and more! In fact, one day when I got in from the office at Pauls Valley, our son Paul, who had gotten home from work before I did, was on the couch moaning: “Mom made me eat the last of the frozen waffles so she would have more room in the freezer for all the cookies.”
She may have gone a little overboard!

On the way home from preaching at First Baptist, Pauls Valley, where I serve as interim, Cheryl & I picked up Michael from his home church in Norman. I asked him to give me a review of the message, and then asked him what songs they used for worship that day.
“Well, one of them was ‘I Surrender.'”
“Oh”, I said, “How does that go? I don’t think I know it.”
Michael began to sing what was evidently the chorus: “I surrenderrrr … I surrenderrrr …”
Cheryl: “That’s really creative.”
Me: “Yeah, there’s some really in-depth theology in those lyrics!”

In staff meeting at First Baptist Pauls Valley the other day, the youth minister noticed a tear-off visitor’s card from the worship bulletin which was laying on my desk. I mentioned that I couldn’t decipher the name of the town the couple was from. When I read aloud their names, the young man who is leading music for the church said that the card was from his grandparents who had visited Sunday. It reminded me of a story that I shared with the guys:
A few years ago, I was pastoring a church in Tulsa, and we had a similar tear-off card in the bulletin, which we asked guests to fill out to let us know they were in attendance. There were also boxes to check if you wanted more information about the church, help making a spiritual decision, and one box which simply said, “I would like a call from the pastor.”
One day after services, I noticed that we received a guest card and someone had checked: “I would like a call from the pastor.” Out to the side a comment was written in: “Every now and then would be nice.”
It was signed by my mother!

(I had to steal this next one from our daughter Libby’s recent blog about her daughter, Corley)
We have a pretty regular evening routine of watching Jeopardy every night at 7:00. One particular evening we were all sitting in the living room eating dinner, including Corley who was perched in her high chair. They began to introduce each of the players for that night’s episode. And as each one was introduced, Corley smiled and waved at them. I think she thinks the people on the TV should be able to talk back to her the way Boompa does on the computer!

(You can find more Corley Janey stories and pictures at http://www.leaveandholdfast.com)

One Wednesday morning, Michael ambled lazily out of his bedroom and was surprised to greet Cheryl in the kitchen: “I thought you were working today?”
Cheryl: “No, today is when I am NOT working; tomorrow is the day I have to be at Paul’s apartment while they finish remodeling it.”
Michael, incredulously: “So this isn’t the day we get to skip Algebra II?”
Cheryl, apologetically: “No … it’s actually the day we have to do a double lesson since I have to be gone tomorrow!”
Poor Michael. He had set himself up for it. Not only did he NOT get to skip Math, he had to do a DOUBLE dose of it. He groaned, and dejectedly put on a pot of coffee, wishing he’d never gotten out of bed!

Our son Paul has been remodeling a condo he bought just down the lane from ours. It has been a total “gut job” HGTV-style, and quite an experience for him — and us all!
The other day I went to the office at First Baptist Pauls Valley, and since I knew that Paul had several important things going at his condo that day, and that Cheryl was going to be there to act as Paul’s “lieutenant”, I thought I would text her at mid-morning and see how thing were going:
My text: “Is everything off to a good start there?”
Cheryl’s text: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!”
I guess that was enough said!

Ok, I’m signing off for now. The grand babies should be on the road today, and we’ve got lots to do yet to get ready. I may need a snack first. Hmmm …. I wonder if there are any cookies anywhere … 😉


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  1. Joanne Thompson says:

    So sweet! we are so thankful for all our children. What a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving!

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