Are You Turning Away From Evil?

Job 1:1 says that Job “was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil.” That phrase “turning away from evil” is an important one, which should challenge each of us:

The Hebrew word is a participe, which indicates a continual action. Job was not literally “perfect” morally, no man is, but he was in the habit of turning away from evil; he didn’t dwell in it consistently. ARE YOU? Are you in the habit of turning away from sin in your life, or do you dwell in the same sins consistently?

It is important to understand that we never “stand still” spiritually; we are always moving. It is like being in a river: the river carries us along with its current; if we do nothing, we will move along with it. We can only go against that current by actively working against it. So it is with our dealings with sin in this world. We have a sin nature that inclines us towards sin, we live in a world that beckons us to sin, and we have an enemy (Satan and his minions) who are actively enticing us to sin. All of these together form a strong “current” that will inexorably carry us to sin, unless we purposefully move in the other direction. If you are not actively “turning away from sin” then you will by default be turning towards it.

In light of that, ask yourself: in which direction are you moving right now? Are you being carried along towards sin, or like Job are you actively “turning away from evil”?

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