Do You Really Believe This?

There are a number of verses in scripture which are easy to skim over quickly, and nod your head thoughtlessly in agreement — but if you stop and think about what they really mean, they may give you pause. Proverbs 16:19 is one of them:  “It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud?” Do you really believe that?

Stop and think about what this verse is teaching. “Dividing the spoil” means that you have won the battle, and are now splitting everything up that you have won.  So, this verse says that it is BETTER to be humble with the losers, than to be proud, having WON, and getting to split up the prize!

That may sound like a pious platitude that you should agree with, but is that really what your heart is?

— Would YOU rather lose, and be humble, than win, and risk becoming proud?

— Would you prefer not to get the promotion, so that you could remain humble, rather than get the position, if it would make you proud and hinder your relationship with God?

— Would you rather endure more difficult circumstances which kept you humble and prayerful before the Lord, rather than have a life of ease, which might make you proud and self-sufficient, and forget Him?

This verse should cause us to ponder whether we are actually that eager to be humble before God.

Which is exactly our problem.

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