Sow The Word

Mark 4:14 contains simply 5 words: “The sower sows the word.” But it is a clear reminder of our most important task as Christian ministers: we are to be sowing the word of God into the hearts and minds of our congregations and individuals in our society.

This verse reminds us not only that we are to be “sowing” but also WHAT we are to be sowing: “the WORD” — the word of God. It is the word of God which will spark faith in hearts of lost people when it is heard (Rom. 10:17).  It is word of God which is like “pure milk” and which will cause growth in God’s people (I Peter 2:2).  Nothing else will do that. Consequently, the responsibility of sowers is to sow the word.

This also means that there are any number of other things that we will NOT be sowing if we are faithful to our task:

— We will not be sowing our personal opinion

— We will not be sowing the latest fad or program

— We will be not sowing American capitalism

— We will not be sowing popular culture

And so on.

There is a popular expression, commonly used when someone has messed something up which was simple but important: “You had one job!” This little verse is a reminder of what that job is for us. It is simple. Don’t mess it up:

Sow. The. Word.

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