Called Into Fellowship

What is the point of the Christian life? What is it all about? Paul reminds here in I Corinthians 1:9: “God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord”.

He says here that we are called INTO FELLOWSHIP. Not just that we are called to “heaven”, or into “prosperity” or to a “state of blessing”; he says we are called into FELLOWSHIP with Him. That is what we were created for: to walk with the Lord like Adam & Eve did in the garden. This is what we lost when we sinned: that close fellowship with Him that we were made for.  And Paul tells us here that this is what we regain when we are called back to Him in salvation: “fellowship” with the Lord!

That word “fellowship” (koinonian) means a sharing together of things in common. We often use “fellowship” in the sense of sharing a meal together in common, and that is one application of the word. But it also means more than than. We are called to share time, and experiences — mission and service — and especially love, with Jesus. We are called to share all these things in common — so that we may “fellowship” — with Him.

It is good to be reminded that this is what Christianity is all about. We were not called to “religious deeds”; we were called to FELLOWSHIP with Him!

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