Can You Say: “Imitate Me”?

“Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.”  (I Corinthians 11:1)

Can you tell people in your church: “See what I am doing? Do that.”?  If it sounds daunting, that is exactly what the Apostle Paul was telling the members of the Corinthian church in this verse: “Be imitators of me.”  

The word “imitators” here is the Greek word “mimetai” — we get our word “mimic” from it.  He was telling them to “mimic” him in the church, that he was an example for them to follow.  He also knew, of course, that he was not the ultimate example, and that the Corinthians were to imitate him as he did the Lord.

Nevertheless the statement is a strong one. He considered his likeness to Christ as one which was worthy of imitation. And it should call for evaluation on our part as well. Are our actions, attitudes, and service in the church worthy of being imitated by others?

A good question to ask ourselves should be: “What if everyone in the church did what I am doing?” What if everyone gave to that offering the amount that you are planning on giving –would the need be met? What if everyone in the church prayed the way that you do — would God’s hand be moved?  What if everyone had your attitude — what kind of atmosphere would there be? What if everyone shared the gospel the they way that you do — how many people would be saved?

If everyone did what you do in the church, what kind of place would it be?  What about your life would make you hesitate to say, “Imitate me”?

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