Motivated By Compassion

“Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes, and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him.” (Matthew 20:34)

Why did Jesus help the men in this passage? And why does He help us today?  What is His motivation? That is an important question — and one which this verse answers.

In this story, two blind men were sitting by the road from Jericho as Jesus was leaving town, the multitude in His wake.  As Jesus passed by, the men cried out: “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”  How did Jesus respond to them?  Verse 34 says:  “Moved with compassion, Jesus touched their eyes.”  Those words, “moved with compassion” are important. They reveal Jesus’ motivation. Why did He hear them? Why did He help them? Because He was “moved with compassion.”  He didn’t help them merely “to prove something”, or to make a public doctrinal statement.  He did it because He loved them and cared about them. He was “moved with compassion” and so He granted their request.

We can have confidence that Jesus feels the same way with us today. The Lord does not study us dispassionately as one might “bugs” or “microbes” under a microscope. He is compassionate towards us. He loves us.  It should cause us to be much more confident with our requests, for we are bringing them to a God who really cares for us. We should be much more bold, and have much more faith, when we ask.

There is also a second application: we should respond to others the way that the Lord does to us. We ourselves should be “moved with compassion” at the plights of others as Jesus was here.  May the compassion that God has shown to us, move us to action on behalf of the people He loves.

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  1. Greta Farina says:

    I have tried to sign up to receive blogs etc bu for some reason the Word Press is not cooperating. I can’t even remember what it said, but it should not be so complicated. It has Follow or Unfollow on the right side of the page and I clicked Follow and all of a sudden Unfollow showed up and now several of the blogs have disappeared. Help please.

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Hey there; I will do my best to help, but I myself am not an expert. A lot of times it is all I can do to get my articles up! But I *think” the way it works is that when you hit “Follow”, you were indeed then following my blog. (In fact I received an e-mail indicating that you were now following my blog!) That the button then shows “Unfollow” means that you were indeed actively following, so the only action you could then take would be to “Unfollow”, if for any reason you wanted to. I BELIEVE that is how it works. So just make sure that you have hit “Follow”, and that the button now shows “Unfollow”, and I think you should be on the right track! Hope that helps!! — and THANK YOU for putting in all this effort to follow my blog! I pray that God speaks to your heart through His word.

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