India Itinerary

Yes, I awoke this morning with my typical “Monday morning hangover” from Sunday — splitting headache, etc., etc., but no time for it today — it is the last day before we leave for India tomorrow!  As the old Gilbert & Sullivan song says, “I’ve Got A Little List”!  But getting my itinerary up here so that friends and loved ones can pray for us is actually on “the list”, so here are some things that I hope will help:

Team members include: James & Suzie Rivers, Clarity Thoreson, Larry & Theresa Robideaux, and myself.  For praying purposes, remember that India time is roughly 12 hours ahead of ours!


Tues., Feb. 1:  We leave FBC Moss Bluff at 10:00 for Houston.  The flight leaves Houston at 4:15 Tuesday on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  We’ll stop in Amsterdam at 8:25 their time, and catch a flight to Delhi.  We’ll arrive in India on Wed., Feb. 2, at 11:30 p.m.  If all goes well, we MIGHT be in our hotel by 2:00 a.m., so ….

Thurs., Feb. 4 will be a day to recuperate and prepare for the week ahead.

Fri., Feb 4 9:00 a.m. Meet with Sanjay Charan, our Indian pastor/contact.  We will divide into 2 groups, and tell Bible stories in the Tigri and Shala Pur schools.  After lunch, we will prayer walk in the Chattarpur Temple.

Sat., Feb. 5  11:00 Evangelistic Meeting in Aali Village (the women will do a meeting for ladies in East Delhi)  6:00 Evangelistic meeting at R.K. Puram; womens meeting in soutwest Delhi.

Sun., Feb. 6 10:30 East Delhi worship service with a newer church                                    3:30  worship service with an established church in South Delhi  (women will teach Bible stories during both services)

Mon., Feb. 7 “prayer riding”  — praying for new areas; afternoon free

Tues., Feb. 8 10:30 LivingStone Leadership Conference: worship services and 3 messages for pastors and church leadership.

Wed., Feb. 9  9:30 p.m. depart for airport for 1:50 a.m. departure Feb. 10th.

Thurs., Feb. 10th 2:00 p.m., arrive in Houston, TX!

We received an e-mail from our host, excited that they have prepared for 80-100 at the leadership conference — but they now have registration forms for 179 people!  This is exciting, as it certainly appears that God is working!  Pray that He would use us to encourage and train these church for effective ministry, and that God’s word would spread greatly all over India through them.  Pray also for the evangelistic meetings that are scheduled, as well as for personal opportunities to share along the way — and everything else you can think of to pray for! 

I will do my best to keep the blog updated with daily reports, but I do not yet know what kind of internet availability we are going to have.  I am going to try to download the WordPress app for my iPhone, so that I can at least update this blog over my phone — but that is a little further down the list for today!  Counting on your prayers!

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2 Responses to India Itinerary

  1. Mark Clements says:

    Just read your blog about your Itinerary for India. Looks like God is at work there. I will pray that you and the team will have safe travels, that God will use all of you in a mighty way and that He will stir in your hearts a fresh wind of revival and passion for him.
    Love and miss you,
    Mark C.

  2. Derek says:

    And you’re off….Stay safe, and keep us posted.

    Hey, and thanks for sending me LA. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s book ‘Leadership and Crisis’. He lays it out there for everyone to see how ineptly the Obama administration handled the BP oil spill disaster.
    Great read.

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