Acclimation Day

I think perhaps Job One today was just to stay awake all day so that we could go to bed at a normal time tonight and be roughly on Indian time. We made it! It’s just after 10 now, and we just had a prayer time and are turning in. A few highlights from today include:
–a quick trip to the “Daily Needs” grocery store nearby. I just love to see the different kinds of food they have — and I got my first Real mango drink in WAY too long! Yum!
–Visiting the new “Company” HQ for the Board in Delhi which is under construction. It will be nice! It will house offices as well as have a number of guest rooms for mission teams like ours. As one M said: “That’s some of your Lottie dollars at work!”
–a trip to stretch our legs at the market (again, about half of the purpose of this was to keep us from falling asleep!) We had several opportunities to witness while we were out. This morning I had specifically prayed that God would give me opportunities that were from Him and not “forced”. While saying “no” to a young salesman for the 98th time, before I even knew it (and to this moment I cannot recall how it started!) I was sharing Christ with him. You could tell he was really listening as I shared for several minutes. We had to break it off as his “boss” came over, and he nodded his boss’ way and acted like he was selling again. But I was able to encourage him just a bit more before we left, to really follow Christ. I hope you’ll say a prayer for this young man right now please!

Tomorrow we will meet with the local pastor, Sanjay, and get briefed for the day. Then we will divide into two teams and go to two different schools. Larry Robideaux will tell the story at one school, and Clarity Thoreson at the other. Please pray for both of them, and for the students who will hear the word Friday (remember we are about 12 hours ahead of Central Time).
Do pray also for continued health. The air quality here is poor. At the market, I remember thinking: “I’ve got to get away from whoever is smoking right by me; this is suffocating.”. But when I moved, I discovered it wasn’t anyone smoking; it was the same everywhere! All that to say: please do pray for continued good health for all of us — and for God to be glorified through us as we move into the scheduled ministry portion of the trip Friday!

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3 Responses to Acclimation Day

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Bro. Shawn,

    We are praying for you today. Thanks so much for your updates. We’ll be praying for all of you as you get started tomorrow.

    Lisa & Chris

    I guess you know you are missing all this FREEZING weather down here!
    A blessing in itself. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thank you Bro Shawn , this is so neat, we get to know what is going on in India. Praying for the team that God will continue to keep ya’ll ( ha ha) healthy and that God will lead you with peace and confidence. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom and spiritual understanding as you seek his promptings. Tell Sanjay and the rest that we are praying for them too.

  3. Shawn's MOM says:

    there is a medication Erin takes when exposed to cigarette smoke (you know she is very sensitive to it, and gets a strep throat almost imediately) It is by prescription here in USA but not in foreign countries. Called AStelin. If you go to a drug store, ask for it by name. Very pricey here, but not overseas. It should work for you too. am praying for God to breathe His Spirit into your lungs, like Adam! Love, MOM

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