Tell Me The Story of Jesus

Today we began our work in India in earnest. We divided into two teams to go into two schools and share a Bible story. Our team consisted of Clarity Thoreson, who was to tell the story, Bro. James, and myself. We went to a brand new school the church is starting in Tigri. Classes are not even formally meeting yet, but they have gathered about 60 children from the community each day. We went into the building complex, which was in a state of disrepair, but had basically been given to the church. They introduced us, then sent the kids out to get friends. I counted about 100 total kids and adults there today.
Clarity began with her story, of Creation and the Fall from Genesis, and the promise of a Savior, concluding with a brief presentation of the gospel. She did a great job — especially for speaking through an interpreter for the first time. The kids were very attentive. Clarity thought perhaps they were not, but she is used to the discipline of an American classroom. They were more attentive than what I was going to experience in just a moment!
While I was watching Clarity share, I thought: I sure I wish I could tell them a story — and the old song, “Tell Me The Story of Jesus” came to mind, and I got chills! A few moments later, they asked if she had another story, and Clarity had not prepared another one. I almost ran over Bro. James to volunteer!
First we moved outside, since there were so many now, and I got up on a little concrete box to speak. I just took it from the promise of the Savior and told the story of Jesus — being sure to include how He was born in humble surroundings, and announced His birth to the poor, because He loves them. I told how He told His disciples to let the children come to Him, for He loves children like them! And I shared how He died on the cross for our sins, and rose again, and gave His disciples the Commission to share the good news with the world — and that I hoped that they too would become followers of Jesus. What a great privilege, and a marvelous experience!
Clarity then played her flute, and taught the kids the song, “Jesus Loves Me”. By now it was time for them to eat a late lunch, and we left.
After eating at an Indian restaurant, Sanjay took us to prayer walk at Chatturpur Temple, where we prayed against the work of the enemy. I spent no small amount of time quoting Philippians 2 and singing, “All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name”! I love to do that in those houses of idols!
Now back to the hotel for debriefing and a prayer time. We are all quite tired. One team member fell asleep during the prayer time just now; I won’t mention his name but he has red hair and fixes cars … I said he was just praying a little longer than the rest of us!
Really it was a wonderful day — and gave us a great vision of some ways that more of us can be involved in India in the future. I think I know some guys at FBCMB who could fix up that school a bit! And we can connect with some teaching/classes too!
Today is done, but as Dr. Suess said, “Tomorrow is another one!” I will be preaching two evangelistic meetings, one at Aili Village at 11:00, and another at Gautama Puri at 6:00. Please continue to pray for our whole group — there are some cautions, as there is opposition here; more on that later — and please pray mightily for me as I get the great privilege of “Telling The Story Of Jesus” again!

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2 Responses to Tell Me The Story of Jesus

  1. Danny Pauley says:

    Sounds like Feb 4 was an awesome day for you guys. I wish I were there to see and hear each of you present the stories and to hear Clarity play her flute. I know that God will bless the work that you did for you are His workmanship created unto that good work which God had before ordained. February 4 for each one of you was placed into God’s appointment calendar even before time began! What an awesome thought to know that you actually kept your appointment! It is about 9:30pm Feb 4 here so that means it’s Feb 5 there and that you guys are preparing for your evangelistic meeting in Aali Village in about an hour and a half along with the ladies ministry in East Delhi. May the Lord bless as you continue to keep the appointments that He has before ordained for you to make know the mystery of the gospel to all those whom God has appointed to hear.

  2. Danny Pauley says:

    Father, while we slept on this side of the world your servants worked on the other side. I pray the work they have done has honored Your Name and brought many one step closer to salvation.

    As they are about to share Your name with those at R.K. Puram and those who will gather in southwest Delhi I pray that You will bless in a mighty way. I pray that You will bind the evil one and that he would have no part in the outcome of these meetings. I pray that You will give Clarity, Suzie, Theresa favor in your sight as they share with the women in southwest Delhi. May they present to those women their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for one another in a way that would attract them like moths to a flame. May they seek to own in their lives that which is modeled before them. Do a work in that place, I pray.

    Lord, as Larry, James and Bro Shawn present at R.K. Puram I pray that you will make Yourself known to those whom you have appointed to gather there to hear. May you open up their hearing that they would understand. Like a bird in the fowler’s net may they be captured by the gospel message and the power thereof. May You grant to them Your favor as they share and may You endear them to all those who will come.

    May You be mighty in the midst of our mission team and may You rejoice over them with joy, may You joy over them with singing.

    In the Name that is above every other name, I offer up this prayer. Amen.

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