“Is God A Christian?”

Associated Baptist Press released a review today on a new book, Is God A Christian? by Kirby Godsey, and interviewed the author.  The article does not leave one in suspense as to Godsey’s answer to the question, as it quotes him as saying, “God is not a Christian … God is above all our religious gods.”  Godsey writes in the preface to the book: “For a long while I had this gnawing sense that there is more to this idea of God than anybody’s religion can ever tell us.” 

Now this is interesting.  According to Godsey, there is “more to God than anybody’s religion can ever tell us” and “God is above all our religious gods.”  This means that none of the world’s religions are sufficient.  They are all missing the mark.  But on the other hand, he goes on to write: “We need more than ever before to develop creative communities of conversation. Conversation doesn’t begin with talking. It begins with listening.”  The question I would ask is: Why listen?  If none of the religions is sufficient, and they are all missing the mark, what are we going to get from “listening” to them?  This “conversation” idea is the kind of thing that sounds good to those who aspire to be people of good will, but of what value is it really?  By his own admission it is merely a pool of ignorance! 

No wonder Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, calls Godsey’s book “an unmitigated theological disaster.”  No kidding. 

I think the heart of the question theologically is: on what basis does Godsey draw his conclusions?  Obviously he does not believe in the sufficiency of the Bible as the word of God.  Godsey believes in the doctrine of universalism, which teaches that all men, regardless of faith and practice, are going to heaven, so he rejects the clear teaching and the authority of scripture. 

So … upon WHAT basis then does he make his theological observations?“  He says:  “The grace of God is not a grace that comes only to us as Christians.  God is present and loves and accepts and embraces all people of the earth.”  On what authority does he make this theological statement?  How does he know what is right or wrong about the world’s religions?  How can he say that there is “more to this idea of God”?  Godsey actually answers that question when he wrote, “I had this gnawing sense …”.  A “gnawing sense”?!  Godsey is basing his observations on religious truth on his own personal “feelings” and observations.  This is so typical of what we see in Americatoday: the revelation God gave us in scripture is being replaced with people’s own personal “gut feelings” and ideas.  Where does this lead?  To more and more confusion and uncertainty.   America is fast resembling Israel in the book of Judges (21:25), where the scripture declares: “There was no king inIsrael; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”  The era that Judges described was one of the most destructive times, morally and spiritually, in Israel’s history, and regrettably, the United States is looking more like that decadent Israel every day.  As our populace rejects Biblical revelation, and relies on their “gnawing senses”, we descend further and further into a moral and spiritual morass.  The day may be soon approaching, if it is not here already, when the American answer to the question “Is God a Christian?” will be “no”!

I agree with Al Mohler: Godsey’s book is indeed “an unmitigated theological disaster.”  Sadly, in the moral and spiritual climate we find in America today, it just may become a best-seller.

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My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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