Overheard at Graduation

Walking through the buffet line at Ryans before our daughter Libby & our daughter-in-law Ashley’s graduation, I overheard the woman behind me speaking to her son: “Son stop touching the food … hey, get your face out of that salad … “. I didn’t look, but I thought to myself, “This is why I don’t like these buffets …”  That kid was behind me in line — but how many just like him had been there before I arrived?  :/

At one point as we were all visiting at Josh & Libby’s apartment, I pulled out a book of off Josh’s bookshelf which detailed the frequency of Greek Bible words in the Greek New Testament. Several of us began speculating on the most-used words: I suggested “kai” (“and”) or “autos” (“he” or “it”); Josh floated “o” or “he” (“the”), and Michael “amen” … Someone said: “This isn’t really what we’re talking about is it?”

Them we deteriorated into talking genealogy … “What does 2nd cousins once removed mean …”
Our 13-year-old son Michael: “Why don’t we talk about something a little less complicated, like the doctrine of the Trinity?!”

Cheryl, as we were getting ready early graduation morning: “I need you to help me with something.”
Me (knitting my brow, and sitting up very attentively on the side of the bed): “Ok, what?”
Cheryl: “Should I wear these sandally shoes or those silky ones?”

At Louisiana College and observing the crowd, I said to our oldest son Paul, currently single and attending Southeastern Baptist seminary: “Hey Paul, you need to keep your eyes open for a single young lady while we are here.”
Paul: “Oh I’ve got my eyes open!”

My mom: “Who was that man who so enthusiastically led the opening hymn at graduation?”
Me: “That was Fred Guilbert, the chair of the music dept, why?”
Mom: “I’ve just never seen the audience applaud the end of an opening hymn like that.”
Me: “Well,
1) some of them were applauding because we were actually singing a hymn (instead of of a chorus or modern song)
2) some were applauding because he did such an enthusiastic job of leading, and
3) hopefully some were actually applauding in praise to God!”

During a discussion on the book, “Reinventing Jesus”, Paul (who hadn’t read the book): “I judge books by their covers, and I don’t think they need to be reinventing Jesus!”

After we gave the girls their graduation gifts, they thanked us all profusely, and my mom said, “The joy was in the giving.”  To which Michael responded: “If the joy was in the giving, I didn’t have a very good time!”

As several of us were deep in theological discussion at the party tonight, Paul walks in with his dessert and made his contribution to the discussion: “Sometimes big pieces of cake are just predestined for your plate.”
(Eating the delectable caramel icing cake Cheryl made for the graduation party, I could only mumble “amen.”  It’s hard to say too much with your mouth full  🙂


About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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2 Responses to Overheard at Graduation

  1. Angela Barnes says:

    Got them graduated in first class manner your a great Dad. Now take a day to rest . Says the Doctor to the Pt. I’m in hospital for similar symptoms. Think I will take a me day and rest. Prayed for you last night. Nurses are poking on me too much to pray this morning. Angela Barnes

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Thanks, Angie. I am definitely back in rest mode. Although I have been feeling better, this weekend was “too much too soon” — but the time with the kids was worth it. I am sorry to hear about what you are going through, and I prayed for you this morning too!

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