This Week in “Paradise” Sept. 3rd

This Week in “Paradise” Sept. 3rd

This week in the “Paradise” of the pastor’s home, we dealt with an impending hurricane, aging bodies, and of course our kitten, Eponine.

Get Behind Me!

My wife Cheryl loves French fries, but had been convicted recently that they were not best for her to eat right now. Unbeknownst to me, she had made a recommitment not to eat them. Did I say this was “unbeknownst to me”?

One day last week we had gone to pick up some fast food, and without thinking (as usual) I thought I would be “nice” to Cheryl and offer her a fry. I held it up to her mouth and said, “Here, you want one of my fries?”

“NO!” She exclaimed, “I’m trying to be obedient! Could you make it any harder for me?!”

We both broke out laughing at how “helpful” I had unwittingly been!

Hurricane Preparation

With Hurricane Isaac making landfall in Louisiana this week, much of our time


was taken up with watching hurricane coverage, and making our own preparations. But we had our priorities in order. Remembering the nightmare that melted ice cream was in so many freezers in Southwest Louisiana after Hurricane Rita a few years ago, Cheryl & I decided to make preparation the best way we could: and eat all the ice cream first!

In case you missed it …

Speaking of Hurricane Isaac, I had about had my fill of the melodramatic antics of some of the “on the scene” weather reporters, and I told Cheryl & Michael to come out and help me film a “spoof” video. No rehearsal: one “take.” If you didn’t catch it, here is a link to the results:

Videography: Michael Thomas

Special effects: Cheryl Thomas

What Was That?

Our kitten Eponine: “Meow.”

Michael, echoing: “Meow.”

Eponine: “Meow.”

Michael. “Meow.”

Cheryl: “Michael, please don’t add to the noise!”

Michael: “I was telling her to be quiet in cat language!”

Our Baby

We originally got Eponine to hunt moles in the back yard, and that is still our goal for her. We have to wait a bit before we turn her loose because she needs to grow a little bigger, so that the owls and hawks won’t prey on her. But there is evidently some question about whether Michael & I may be spoiling her in the meantime.

One day a few weeks ago I came through the living room, cradling Eponine in my arms like a baby, scratching her belly, and cooing: “My little baby.” Michael picked up on that, and has started carrying her like that every day.

One morning when Michael walked in cradling Eponine, I came over, and both of us were petting her, and making over her, and calling her “our little baby”. Cheryl looked at the proceedings said: “Oh yeah, you two are training her to be a great hunter!”


99.9% Surveyed Said …

I had picked up Eponine Friday evening, and was rubbing under her chin, when Michael walked up and started petting her back. As you might imagine, she was purring VERY loudly. Who wouldn’t, being totally enveloped in loving strokes like that?

Michael said to her: “Do you like this, Eponine, do you like this?”

I said, “Of course she does; who wouldn’t?”

“Mom,” he replied.

Well, yeah …

Michael’s New Job

I have been fairly limited at what I can do in recent days because of my POTS. Sometimes I am dizzy and limited to my recliner. Then Friday, Cheryl sprained her ankle at Lowe’s while getting some rocks for her garden. At one point Friday night, neither Cheryl nor I could get up, so we had to call Michael in to help us.

“Poor Michael”, Cheryl said after he left the room. “It’s like he’s got a new job in a nursing home!”

Working Together

At one point Friday night, Cheryl limped through the living room, and accidentally knocked over her big glass of tea. I got up to help, but she shooed me away. “No!”, she demanded, “You are sick; you can’t help me!” She got a couple of towels and put them down to sop up the tea. She stood there for a minute pondering, and then reluctantly said, “Well, I may have to let you help me. I can’t move these towels with my left foot, because it is hurt – but I can’t put weight on it and use my right foot either!” Laughing, I got up and started sopping up the tea. But I said, “I can’t get up and down and get some more towels; I’ll get too dizzy.” So I stayed on the floor and mopped up the tea, while Cheryl limped over and brought me some more towels.

Between the two of us, we just about had enough working body parts to get the job done!

Kind of a pathetic week in … Paradise! 🙂

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4 Responses to This Week in “Paradise” Sept. 3rd

  1. Sharon says:

    lol! Cute hurricane video – but tell Cheryl she has got to learn to run faster when Michael pans around and she still has the yellow water hose in her hands! But hey on another note – you looked like you were having a really good day! 😉

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Yeah, Sharon, Cheryl’s scurrying to avoid the camera might have been the funniest part of the video! I did have fun making the video, though I paid for it later — but it was worth it!

  2. oloryn says:

    You’re getting me thinking of doing a spoof video on the news stations who make a big deal about asking “the hard questions”.

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