Is He Finding Fruit?

Jesus’ visit to the Temple in Mark 11 was followed by His cursing of a fig tree outside of town in :12-14.  But the two episodes are not unrelated.  He looked at the fig tree to see if He could discover any fruit to eat.  He didn’t find any – which was symbolic of what He had ALSO discovered in the Temple!  The idea here seems to be that He cursed BOTH for the lack of fruit that He found in them!  Israel is pictured in the Old Testament as a fig tree.  Thus this is a very symbolic passage! 

But it is not just of “historical interest.”  We should each consider: when Jesus examines US — as He did the Temple and the fig tree — what does He find?  Is He finding what He is looking for in you?  Does He find fruit?  Does He find love for Him and others?  Does He find mercy?  Obedience?  Or as He evidently did in the Temple, does He discover “religiosity”, legalism, pride, hard-heartedness and apathy?  This is more than just an “intellectual question.”  James 5:9 says of Jesus, “The Judge is standing right at the door” of your life.  What fruit does He see in you?

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