Little Condo on the Prairie (May 28)

The countdown to Josh & Libby’s baby continued in The Little Condo on the Prairie last week, and we huddled together while storms passed nearby …



Monday, Josh & Lib came in from Libby’s last ultrasound appointment, and the tornado sirens were going off (again!). Libby said that Josh had been “freaking out” at all the tornadoes we have been dodging since we have been here. Paul teased him and said maybe he could become a storm chaser. Then he changed his mind, and said, “Or maybe the storms could chase YOU!”
I said, “Yeah, you could be a storm chase-EE!”
Paul continued the thought: “Yeah, you could report: ‘this storm in right on my tail; it’s about a half mile wide; I’m heading northeast, and it keeps coming right at me … I’m gonna stay in this van and keep running …”
As many times as the sirens have gone off the past few days, I think Josh believes he already IS a “storm chase-ee”!

Michael had an assignment with his homeschool curriculum of writing a five-page research paper. He decided to do it on the origin of Baptists, which topic I heartily approved. We gave him a pile of Baptist History books to use as sources, and I couldn’t wait to see what he came up with. When he gave me the finished paper, I thought it was basically very good, but I reprimanded him for not giving credit on several quotes:
— “By the end of this expansion, around 300 Baptist churches dotted England; lights of religious empathy in the darkness of England’s collective apathy.”
— “During this recession of spiritual vigor, the Society of Friends (commonly known as Quakers) like a sponge sapped Baptists into their denomination.”
I read those sentences aloud to him, and warned him that very picturesque, wordy quotes like those just scream out “plagiarism” if you don’t give credit for the quote.
“But those are MY words!” Michael retorted.
I was stunned. “You didn’t copy those from anything?”
“No”, he replied. “I didn’t want to use boring phrases, so I tried to come up with something more … picturesque.”
I guess he did!

Michael went over to Cheryl, who was helping him with his math. While sitting down by her, he knocked over Cheryl’s glass of Coke and ice, spilling it all over the carpet. As she was cleaning up the mess, Cheryl was heard to say: “I’m trying to focus on your beautiful writing skills …”.

Later that SAME day, I reviewed Michael’s paper on “Beowulf.” It was very good I thought, but I pointed out a couple of minor things, including the use of the word “exultance”, which I told him wasn’t a word. He insisted it was. “After further review” — he was RIGHT! This is getting downright embarrassing :/

My mom was chatting with me on Facebook, and she asked how Libby was doing. I told her I hadn’t seen her yet that day, but that they had been over the previous evening and nothing was going on with her.
“Says you”, Mom replied. “Inside a woman a lot is going on!”
Stupid man.

Much of our attention this week was focused on Libby’s pregnancy, of course, as she was due Friday. She began to exhibit some signs of restlessness, as she wanted to meet that little baby face to face! Some of her impatience began to show Thursday, when we were talking about when the baby might be born.
Josh said enthusiastically: “I hope she will be born on my birthday!”
Now, this may sound sweet, but Josh’s birthday was not until the following Tuesday. This was not soon enough for Lib. She responded testily: “Excuse me?!”
“I mean, I hope she will be born TODAY!”, Josh said, to Libby’s satisfaction.
(The following picture is of Josh & Lib with Pastor Ronnie Rogers at Trinity Baptist, Norman on Sunday May 26th, 2 days after her due date!)


Cheryl was reading over Michael’s Algebra assignment for the day Friday, when Michael noticed she was a long time at it.
“You look like you’re actually enjoying reading that,” he said.
“I am,” Cheryl replied. “It is like visiting an old friend; like going back and reading Emma or something.”
“I’d say it’s more like visiting that relative you never really liked,” Michael said flatly.


Friday I ran to the bank, and also picked up a snack for everyone while I was out. When I got back, I had evidently missed quite a show. I never did get all the details, but Josh said he was wondering who he needed to send to the nuthouse first. I did eventually gather that Cheryl tried to talk to the baby (in Libby’s belly!) in “whale language.” I can only imagine …

I was looking over a pizza restaurant menu Friday night and asked innocently: “What is alf re-do sauce?” Everyone in the room immediately burst into laughter. “You mean ‘alfredo’ sauce?!”
“Wait,” I said, trying to defend myself. “They had it mis-spelled in the menu; there was a space in it: they had it, ‘alf redo.'”
My protestations were in vain. The laughter went on for some time. And then …
“Wait, I’ve got a notice that I’ve been tagged in a Facebook post …”
Libby, smiling: “What in the world could that be?!”

We don’t let each other get by with much, here in the “Little Condo on the Prairie”!

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2 Responses to Little Condo on the Prairie (May 28)

  1. Wendy Hatcher says:

    Happy birthday, Josh! I sure hope she comes TODAY, for your birthday, too! No use waiting for their anniversary, Corley, just come on out! So good everyone could come up there with you, Bro. Shawn. I was afraid you and Mrs. Cheryl would miss out! Everyone looks great, though. And we hardly even hear of that four letter word that starts with “P” much any more. Miss you all, and wish you were still here, but if it is so much better for your health, maybe I wish you had gone a year ago or so! Btw, it is summertime here!

  2. Okay, Shawn! Here’s one for you…I think it should be “whom” instead of “who” but we better ask Michael for clarification!
    but Josh said he was wondering who he needed to send to the nuthouse first
    Keep us posted (as I know you will) on Libby and baby and everyone!!!

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