The Armor Bearer: Portend of a Spouse and Friend

In I Samuel 14:7, Saul’s son Jonathan proposed going up against a force of Philistines. His armor bearer, the only other individual with him against the larger enemy force, replied: “Do all that is in your heart; turn yourself, and here I am with you according to all your desire.” This armor bearer is a blessed picture of anyone who is an encouragement to his friend, and especially that of a helpful spouse. Notice the qualities he possessed:

— First, he said, “I am with you.” This was a reflection of his commitment to a continual PRESENCE. No one else may remain with Jonathan, but his armor bearer would not desert him. Likewise the committed friend, as well as the faithful spouse, will always maintain a faithful presence with their beloved. No one else may stand with them, but they will!

— Next, notice his role as ENCOURAGER: When Jonathan proposed his bold plan to attack the Philistines, the armor bearer said: “Do all that is in your heart”. He did not discourage Jonathan from his audacious step of faith, but encouraged it. Unfortunately, too many “friends” and even many spouses are not a source of encouragement, but rather a drag on one’s godly ambitions.

— Finally, notice that the armor bearer would only be an encouragement to Jonathan to go up and fight, he would also be a HELPER in that battle! Verse 13 goes on to tell us that in the skirmish that ensued, “the armor bearer put some to death after him.” He did not merely stand passively by offering words of encouragement, he actually got in the battle with him. The faithful friend, and especially the loving spouse, will do the same thing. They will participate and serve with their spouse and do all they can to help them succeed in their most important ambitions.

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