The Little Condo on the Prairie (10-28-13)

Cheryl & I went over to my sister’s apartment to change some light bulbs that had burned out. When we got back, Michael walked into the room and greeted us with:
“How many parents does it take to change a light bulb … ?”

While we were driving somewhere, Cheryl told me that it was stuffy, and she needed the cool air on in the car.
Me: “I heard you say the first part, but didn’t catch the rest.”
Cheryl, slightly offended: “How many words do I get before you ‘tune me out’?”
Me, deadpanning: “‘How many’ what?”
Cheryl, taking the bait: “TWO?!! You mean you only listen for two words …” Then she saw the twinkle in my eye and started laughing!

A woman from our condo complex knocked at our door the other day, looking for the people who had given her a ride to the doctor’s office a few weeks before. I thought I recognized her, but when I hesitated for just a moment, she said, “It was a middle-aged couple like you …”.
I don’t know if we can ever forgive her for that one! 😉

The timer for Michael’s baked chicken lunch went off while he and Cheryl were going over his Algebra.
Cheryl: “Do you want to keep going over your Algebra while you eat lunch?”
Michael: “Not really.”
Cheryl: “Well, the day is kind of getting away from us, so we’d better.”
Michael: “I figured it didn’t matter how I answered that question …”

Cheryl: “Michael, God gave us those principles of math; they reflect His glory. To not love math is to not love God!”
Michael: “Then I am a heretic.”

One day our cat, Eponine, fell asleep on Cheryl’s open magazine. We talked about how she often seems to enjoy laying on open books or magazine pages — sometimes jumping up and laying on them when they are on our lap while we are reading! We wondered why she did that, so I began to do some research. What I found was basically the same things which we had speculated: they are not sure whether the cats like the feel of the paper, or being the center of attention (I have a good idea which!)
Cheryl, looking at the cat asleep on her magazine: “Either that or she fell asleep reading!”


Speaking of the cat, one day Cheryl called to Michael from the kitchen: “Michael? Are you laughing or crying?”
Michael: “I’m meowing!”

Monday night I was reviewing the instructions for a medical test I was having on Tuesday. It said to be sure and fast for 10-12 hours beforehand. I decided early on that given that choice, I was going to pick 10!

The other day, Cheryl was planting some pansies at the model home/office of Stonewall Homes in Norman, where she and Paul work for Stonewall owner Pete Jackson. Pete mentioned that he had seen some guys out planting flowers with some kind of power planting tool.
Paul observed that a guy would want something like that if he was out planting pansies:
“You’d need that to save your man card! Then you wouldn’t have to say, ‘I’m planting pansies’, but ‘I’m out here using the X2000!'”

Cheryl came home and said: “I know what I was going to tell you: it hailed last night!” She went on to describe how there were still little piles of hail over at the model home she cleans for Stonewall Homes.
After her description, Michael quips: “So … all ‘hail’ broke loose?” 🙂

“Michael, can you help Mom remember that?”
“Yeah … What was it?”

Cheryl & I drove the Talimena Trail last Friday, and saw the beautiful changing fall foliage. At one point we got out of the car to walk around a bit, and Cheryl saw this sign that pointed to what was evidently a natural spring somewhere ahead. I was a bit skeptical, as you couldn’t see anything ahead — even much of a trail! — but Cheryl really wanted to go, so off we went. I took the following picture in the event that we were never heard from again — but as you can read, we made it! Grateful to be able to share another week in “The Little Condo”!


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2 Responses to The Little Condo on the Prairie (10-28-13)

  1. Ben Coleman says:

    Cats will lie on cards, too. I lost count of how many times i’d be sitting on the floor, playing solitaire, when the cat would decide that my playing surface would be the perfect place to lie down, and would proceed to do so, right smack dab on top of the cards. I, too, lean towards the ‘want to be the center of attention’ theory.

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