Praise The Lord — AND Pass the Ammunition!

Psalm 108:13 says: “Through God we shall do valiantly, and it is HE who shall tread down our enemies.” As important as the truth in this verse is about having our hope and trust in God, it should not be taken to mean “so sit back and do nothing until He does it!” That is not what David did.

He was a valiant warrior; he was famous for actually fighting battles against his enemies! He did not take this truth as an excuse for inaction. Notice that it says “Through God WE SHALL DO valiantly”! This means that rather than doing nothing, he put his best into the battle while putting his trust in God, and God worked through him — often through acts and circumstances beyond his own ability — to win the victory. And David knew at the end of the day that it was God who had allowed him to triumph.

We should similarly put our trust in God, just as this verse indicates. But let it not be for us a cheap excuse to sit back and do nothing. God will use our efforts, just as He did David’s. This applies to what you accomplish in your work, what will happen in your church — really every sphere of your life. Just like He did for David, God will bless and use things beyond our own abilities to give us victories, so that we will know that He accomplished them, not us. But make no mistake: very rarely does trusting God mean that you do absolutely nothing! If you are waiting on God to win a victory for you, perhaps He is waiting on YOU to get in the battle!

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