We Are An Offering

Psalm 110:3 says: “Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power …”. In Hebrew, that literally reads: “Your people WILL BE freewill offerings” — that is, they will offer themselves freely as a sacrifice and offering to God. It is not that His people will offer “sacrifices”; it is that they will give themselves.

This Psalm is a Messianic Psalm; that is, it is speaking of the Messiah who will come – Jesus. Jesus quoted the first verse of Psalm 110 in Matthew 21 as a riddle to the Jews, and He was speaking about Himself. Thus when :3 says “Your people will volunteer freely” (or “will be freewill offerings”) it is speaking of HIS people. Thus this is teaching that those who truly follow the Messiah will not just offer “sacrifices” to Him; they will offer THEMSELVES to Him as freewill offerings, and commit themselves fully to Him.

Some years ago I read of a man who put a slip of paper in the offering plate, which read: “I give myself” — that is the idea that Psalm 110:3 is talking about.

But what does this MEAN? It may sound like a “spiritual” thing to do to “give yourself as an offering,” but what do you practically do to “be a freewill offering”?

We get a hint from Romans 12:1, where it says that because of all that Jesus has done for us in salvation (described in Romans chapters 1-11) we are to “present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice”. This indicates that we are to give our bodies to God that He might do with them whatever He pleases — NOT as WE please.

This same principle applies to offering ourselves as a sacrifice. It means that we surrender every area of our lives to God, for Him to use as He will:
— It means that you present your pride as a sacrifice, and do what honors God, even when it humbles your pride and ego.
— It means that you present your will as a sacrifice, to do His will and not yours in every particular case.
If we truly surrender ourselves as a freewill offering to the Lord, it will apply to every area of our lives, and as the term “freewill” implies, we will do it with joy, because He is our Lord who loves us and who has redeemed us, and not grudgingly, or as under compulsion.

May God give us grace to freely surrender ourselves as freewill offerings to Him, and to joyfully sing:

We lift our voices, we lift our hands
We lift our lives up to You, we are an offering.
Lord use our voices; Lord use our hands;
Lord use our lives, they are Yours we are an offering.
All that we have; all that we are; all that we hope to be, we give to You, we give to You.
We lift our voices, we lift our hands
We lift our lives up to You, we are an offering.

About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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