Psalm 113 is a Psalm of praise for the people of God. It begins and ends with the expression: “Hallelu-Yah”! (literally “Praise Yahweh!” In most Bibles, when you see the word “LORD” in all capitals in the Old Testament, it means that in the original Hebrew text, it is not the Hebrew word “Adonai” or “Lord” which is used, but the personal, covenant name of God, “Yahweh”, the great “I AM”, which He gave to describe Himself to Moses in Exodus 3.)

It is remarkable how much the first part of the Psalm focuses on the name Yahweh. It is used seven times in the first five verses. Of course the number seven is significant; indicating perfection.

These verses tell us:

— WHAT is to be praised: “the name of Yahweh” (:1)
— WHO is to praise Him: “servants of Yahweh” (:1)
— WHEN He is to be praised: “from this time forth and forever” (:2)
— WHERE He is to be praised: “From the rising of the sun to its setting” (:3)

Psalm 113 ends the same way it begins: “Praise the LORD”, literally, “Hallelu-Yah”, (“Praise Yahweh”). May we determine to imitate the Psalm, and begin and end our day the same way: with praise for our God!

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