The Model Prayer and Your Request

We saw here how what is often referred to as “The Lord’s Prayer” of Matthew 6:9-13 is really a model for our daily prayers. But it can also serve as a guide for the way that we pray for specific issues or requests.

Take the pressing issue or prayer request that you have and run it through the “grid” of the Model Prayer:

— First, ask that God’s name would be glorified through this thing (“Hallowed be Thy name”)
— Then ask that His Kingdom would somehow be advanced through it (“Thy Kingdom come”)
— Ask that HIS will would be done in this area, not your own or anyone else’s (“Thy will be done”)
— Ask that your needs, and those of others, would be met through this situation (“give us this day our daily bread”)
— And ask Him to cleanse you from any wrong motives or attitudes you may have regarding your request (“forgive us our debts …”)
— Finally, ask God to keep you from sin regarding this issue: from worry, or self-will, or pride, or anything that the enemy might use to make you stumble in regard to the situation.

If you will pray for your special request according to the pattern of Jesus’ Model Prayer, it will give you more than just “the same old thing” to pray about that issue. More importantly, it will help you to see it through a scriptural lens, and assist you in praying for it in a comprehensive, and God-honoring way.

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