Seeking the Giver

Psalm 3 concludes with :8, “Salvation belongs to the LORD. Your blessing be upon Your people. Selah.” What began earlier in the Psalm as a catalogue of all of David’s troubles ends in exclamations of praise to God for His deliverance. It is also insightful that in Hebrew, the first word of the verse is not “Salvation”, but rather is “Yahweh” — the personal name of the God of Israel.

Thus YHWH is in the emphatic position in the verse, which puts the focus of the sentence on HIM, not on “salvation.” This God whom David knew by name (as opposed to his enemies, who only knew Him generically, see here) is the source of salvation, and of everything else that is good; HE is the primary consideration.

Perhaps the best lesson we can learn here is that in our difficulties, it is not “salvation” we should seek, as much as we should seek HIM personally, for He has salvation — and everything else we need.

Randy Presley, elder and minister of music at Trinity Baptist, Norman, has written a song which expresses that thought:

More than the gift, I want the Giver
More than the love, I want the Lover
More than the healing, I want the Healer
More than this song, You want this singer!
(“More Than The Water”, by Randy Presley)

Appropriately, Psalm 3 ends with a “Selah” — “think about it”! That’s exactly what we should do!

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