No Right To Complain!

In II Samuel 19:28, Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth uttered these words: “What right do I have yet to complain anymore to the king?” He spoke them as a man who had suffered some loss of property and reputation, but kept his blessings in perspective:

Mephibosheth was Jonathan’s son. As a relative of the former king, Saul, he would have been put to death by most kings, but David had mercy on him and gave him a place at his own table. During Absalom’s rebellion, Mephibosheth could not leave with David because he was lame, but Mephibosheth’s devious servant, Ziba, told David that Mephibosheth stayed back in Jerusalem because he hoped to become king. When David returned victorious, Mephibosheth appeared before David, aware that David, deceived by the false servant, had given Mephibosheth’s land and possesions to Ziba.

It is safe to say that many would have complained, and protested their treatment. But Mephibosheth was remarkably gracious, responding with those words: “For all my father’s household was nothing but dead men before my lord the king; yet you set your servant among those who ate at your own table. What right do I have yet to complain anymore to the king?” Rather than being bitter about what he had lost, he chose to focus on the undeserved blessings he had been given in the first place. By all worldly rights and standards he should have been dead! What right did he have to complain about whatever happened to him?

This same attitude should characterize anyone who has experienced salvation in Jesus. We were all like Mephibosheth: “dead men” in sin (Eph. 2:1) who have been elevated, by God’s grace, to fellowship with the King at His table! God has been so good to us — what right do we have to complain about anything? If we suffer some pain or inconvenience for His cause, or in His will, is it not true that we deserve worse? Would we “accuse” God of doing less for us than we deserve? We deserve hell, and anything better than that is all of grace! No, when all is put in perspective, our attitude should be like that of Mephibosheth: “What right do I have yet to complain anymore to the King?”

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