Pregnant With Trouble

Psalm 7:14 has a word for the wicked — and for those of us who fear that they are going to “get away with it.” They won’t! The verse reads: “Behold, he travails with wickedness, and he conceives mischief and brings forth falsehood.” In Hebrew the first part is literally: “Behold, he is pregnant (travails as in labor) with (looming) disaster, trouble, sorrow …”.
What a picturesque description of the impending judgment of the wicked this verse contains:

Just as a woman becomes pregnant with child, and it is expected around a certain time, so the wicked, due to their evil actions and choices, are “pregnant” with trouble. It may not have manifested itself yet. It may appear for the present as though they are prosperous and carefree. But the truth is they are “pregnant” with “looming disaster”, and the day of its arrival will come with certainty. Soon they will be writhing in the pains of judgment.

This should be an encouragement to the righteous who are tempted to view the present, apparent prosperity of the wicked and fret, or be covetous. As Psalm 37 and 73 teach us, we should not be so short sighted. “How they are destroyed in a moment.” (Psalm 73:19) These people are not “getting away” with anything. They pregnant with looming disaster. Watch in faith and see. They may be due any day!

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