The Hole He Dug

Psalm 7:15 says: “He dug a pit and hollowed it out, and has fallen into the hole which he made.” Here David describes the irony of the downfall of the wicked who oppressed him: they fell into the very pit which they themselves made in order to harm others.

We see this same kind of ironic judgment in the book of Esther, when Haman was hung on the same gallows he had constructed to put Mordecai to death (Esther 7:10).

It is not unusual for a person to be ensnared by harm of their own making. Many nod their heads in approval of the ironic justice of terrorists being killed while they are in the process of fabricating bombs for the destruction of their enemies, and so on.

Yet most of us should look for application much closer to home. Sometimes we ask of our situations, “Why did God do this to me?”, when in fact we are in a “hole” of our digging! Many of the difficulties we face in life could have been avoided had we made wiser, and more godly decisions. No one else has done this to us. Like those David describes in Psalm 7, we fell into the pit that we ourselves have hollowed out! One of the first steps out of it is admitting that we caused our own problem — and then calling on God and asking Him for a helping hand out of the hole we dug!

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My blog,, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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